Memories of Heidelberg

A song I like today.

On my train into Munich yesterday, I shared a car compartment with one woman. We didn’t speak until we were pulling into the Munich main station, when she asked how long my journey is. We talked for a moment and she asked if I’d been to Heidelberg. I told her I’d never heard of Heidelberg. She seemed shocked and told me lots of tourists go there. “Lots of Japanese people go there.” I told her I’d look at the map and maybe go! Thanks!

She probably thought I was just BS’ing her. At the time, I was wondering if I was, too.

I took the 9:43 train to Heidelberg this morning. Why not.

Turns out it is right next door to Karlsruhe, where I had potential to meet a friend’s friend (it might not work out). Also very close to Strasbourg, where I am definitely meeting a friend from college on Thursday. Heidelberg was exactly where I needed to be. Thank you lady, and thank you universe.

Heidelberg. Just your average small-medium city with it’s own castle. It also has the longest pedestrian shopping street in all of Germany.

No idea what the plan is for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll stay here longer.







Come and knock on our door…

Don’t ask us for layers. We won’t.

Is it just me or is he pulling away?

If you insist.