The Day I Wanted Crab Cakes and Ended Up in a One-Way Tunnel to the Airport.

I’m stuck in this one-way tunnel – that I wasn’t supposed to be in – to an airport I don’t need to be going to – in a city I don’t know – with a dying cell phone.

And I start crying.

But just how did a day trip to Boston get so emotional?

Let’s go back.

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Ten minutes on storytelling.

Sipping quickly from a coffee mug, I’m about to leave to go speak to (and with) a group of Capital Region bloggers I’ve never met. I’ve been asked to talk about creating blogs worth reading – and how to share them, how to promote them.

So I’m thinking. And thinking quick, because quite honestly, I convinced myself until 2p.m. today this talk was tomorrow night.Read More »

Twenty three point five.

I look at 2011, when I posted 165 times, and 2012, when I posted 86 times.

It’s 2013, and it’s February 19, and I’ve posted 3 times.

And I go into a slight panic about where it all went, the posts I’m not writing, the photographs I’m not taking – the readership I’m surely losing as you all forget about me, moving on to bigger and better and more loyal bloggers… I panic about all that writing logged by 23 and at 23.5 and a day, where have all my words gone?Read More »

The One About Living With The Boy: Super Bowl Edition

It’s 4:25 p.m. the day of the Super Bowl, and we’re about to have some friends over for the game. The veggie platter is made, pizzas ordered, onion dip mixed, the frozen T.G.I. Friday snacks in the freezer just in case we run out of food or I really want a jalapeño popper.

The apartment is nearly done – as done as it can be until spring when we can open the windows and paint the walls, which leads to new curtains and photos hung. It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for a month already. I haven’t blogged a lot recently for a number of reasons – 1) I lost my camera charger in the move and it’s been a traumatic photo-less couple of weeks, 2) I’ve had a lot of writer’s block lately when it comes to this blog, 3) When I spend 8 hours writing on my laptop at work, I avoid it when I get home, and 4) Ryan and I had this bright idea of chipping all the crappy white paint off the metal radiator in the bathroom bit by bit with a screwdriver and until that tedious project’s done, my schedule’s pretty booked.
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“I’m Like Batman.”

So you guys really wanted to hear about living with the boy. So much so it sky-rocketed into my top 10 most read posts ever.

Reading the stats on what gets read – or what leads you to this blog – cracks me up. Because, if this blog in some way, shape or form, represents or shares the happenings going on in my life, maybe the search results leading to it might summarize my life, as well.

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The One About Living With The Boy.

So we decided our same-area-code-otherwise-long-distance relationship was a total drag on our gas mileage. Where I worked/lived was 45 minutes from where he lived which was 30 minutes from where he worked which was 40 minutes from where I lived (follow that triangle?). We also decided we might kinda sorta really want to be roommates.

Then we got an apartment (and he got a new job). Welcome to 2013. Hello blog, it’s been busy. We’ve been unpacking, and I’ve been making my way through the 1200 vinyl records I now live with.

Both our names are on the same mailbox. We co-own estate sale-located furniture. When we get home from a date night, either one of us can unlock the door with our identical keys. We split the grocery bill. Not only did he give me space on his bookshelves, our books are all mixed up and alphabetized together! My Tom Brokaw next to his Charles Bukowski! (My nerdy heart skips beats – “He likes me! He really likes me!)

We moved into our new apartment last week – two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room – which we’ll quickly convert to one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, two living rooms. Thus someone always has an escape den to write their blog/music while the other watches the Mets/The Bachelor.

The funny thing about living with the boy every day? You totally see him like, every day. Even on your sick days after stuffed-up nights spent snoring and sleeping sitting up.

This weekend, I had a major head cold. I spent time Saturday evening cleaning my old apartment, and in the ensuing hours, sneezing every 75 seconds spent awake.

So, it’s late, I’ve taken cold medicine. I’m tired. I’m sneezy and snotty and hazy.

And as I reach down to throw away a tissue in the trash can, I realize there’s no bag in it. But there’s bubble wrap and an empty paper towel roll inside already. So can I throw something away in it? Or should I get a bag. I mean, I don’t really care. But is that messy? I don’t want to be the messy girlfriend, throwing away a tissue in a trash can without a bag. But I can always get a bag later…

It’s quite the riveting internal monologue.

Except, unknown to me, it wasn’t entirely internal.

No, he was watching me mutter half sentences while stooped over a trash can.

Inducing a panic that his unceasingly sneezing, possibly feverish girlfriend was having some sort of medicine/flu-induced episode.

You know what’s really lame? Explaining to your boyfriend that you were having an internal monologue out loud about whether or not you should put your tissue in the trash can that doesn’t have a garbage bag but already has trash in it.

When you have a same-area-code-otherwise-long-distance relationship, you’re pretty ecstatic every time you see your significant other because you have made it to your date destination with the knowledge “We both made the date commute without getting a flat tire/pulled over/rear-ended/and it’s not even past dinner time yet!”

Now, we see each other every day (I think we’re still pretty ecstatic about it – I’ll let you know after week two). He makes the coffee, I make the bed. Actually, he makes the coffee before I’m even out of bed, and I wake up to a mug on my nightstand… and then I get up and make the bed.

And at the end of every day, we talk about our days. Not on the phone anymore.

And the thing about talking about your day at the end of every day? Not every day is a great day. Sometimes, it’s really stressful. Sometimes it’s something family-related, friend-related, work-related, health-related, your sports team lost, your errand didn’t go as planned, you’re sleepy, you’re cranky, you’re frustrated.

Some days, you have a bad day and your boyfriend goes to heat up leftovers to make you dinner. Your kitchen counter still isn’t installed so there’s a lot of clutter. And he goes to heat up your spaghetti and meatballs in the microwave but the kitchen fuse blows because he was toasting you Italian bread in the toaster oven. So he replaces the fuse, removes the bread from the oven, and on the way back to the microwave, the plate of spaghetti falls meatball-down into the clutter.

And you enter the kitchen (and you the cranky girl can’t suppress a giggle because there’s a meatball on the kitchen floor with a bunch of squiggly macaroni), you make eye contact, you let out a mutual “aghhh!” because what else are you going to do when you’re both already frustrated and fuses are blowing and meatballs are on the floor. It’s no use crying over spilt meatballs.

And then you spend your post workday relaxing night together going to Wal-Mart to buy extra fuses because it’s already 9 p.m. and that’s the only place open, and by the time you’re back, it’s time to drink Sleepytime Tea and call it a day.

But the fun part about this new every day situation, even for the cranky days, is that after today comes tomorrow. And tomorrow will start with a new mug of coffee and a “Have a great day!” on our way out the door. It might not be a perfect day – one of us might have something really frustrating happen or spill a meatball again.

But it’s a new adventure. Which we all know means new stories.

On our first ever christmas, my true love gave to me… a door!

“Mom, he got me a DOOR!”

This Christmas, we got each other an apartment. Other presents were to wait as we spent money on furniture, a coffee maker, U-Haul trucks and security deposits.

Except then he found something to make into the perfect desk for writer me. Who has a history of doing her writing belly-down-laid-out on her bed.Read More »

“The Secrets to Writing a Readable Blog”

I blog at home, I blog at work – my post for Overit from today!

You’ve been tasked with starting your company’s blog – congratulations!

…Now what?

Management has listened to advice about the perks of regularly posting content online, and they’ve decided to act. They understand that your company blog is the prime opportunity to exhibit your greatest ideas and expertise in your crowded industry. It’s a chance to show off internal thought leadership on industry topics and trends, as well an outlet to demonstrate company culture by highlighting internal updates like new hires, expansion and community involvement, and even the company’s annual BBQ.

But only if you don’t screw it up.Read More »