“Fall”-ing Into Routines

I just logged into this account for the first time in months. Found 75+ spam comments I had to filter. Cringed at the 2-post count in 2014 (165 in 2011 after starting this blog in May, 86 in 2012… 13 in 2013). Got to writing.

It’s cold in my living room – fall is definitely here. The Mets game is on in the background. The Boy isn’t home – this is just my nightly routine now, too. Mets and Grey’s Anatomy. Our routine. It has a nice, probably-never-been-paired-before, balance.

So I’m on my blog now, and my website planning work world has completely changed my view of this site. Where are the keywords and headlines? The proper URL structures? Why do you have a hit counter – that doesn’t prove anything, that’s just embarrassing. (This could go on and on…)

That wasn’t ever what this was about. This was just a place to write, to be. To contemplate things that have changed – and things that I want to work toward.

But now I’m more tempted to completely change the site that no one goes to now than just doing the writing. Which needs to happen more.

So, words, tonight. You don’t have to read them, I just had to write some.

I just wrote and deleted a paragraph about my love affair for seltzer, because apparently I’ve written that paragraph in this blog before. My love is that strong. Ah, bubbles. My all day, every day, seltzer routine.

I started going to the gym this week. I’m not really asking for applause here, I know it’s not a crazy thing to do. I’m sharing because I’m concerned about the fact my immediate reaction to my new gym was, “These aren’t the treadmills with the built-in TVs I saw in the commercial, what is this crap?” Because yes – the only way you’ll get me to the gym at 6 a.m. all winter is if it provides me with more opportunities to keep watching Gilmore Girls for the first time (coming to Netflix October 1!).

I recently took writing classes and joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). I made a lot of progress and felt pretty good. To the point where I was told I’m “so close” and just have to make final edits. Yays! And as soon as those classes ended? All progress stopped. Because apparently I really, really just like class, homework, deadlines and pleasing my teachers – and I can’t do it for myself. Do others have this problem? I need tips. There’s a routine I need to figure out.

I have the travel bug. I’m checking off Mexico as my 25th country in year 25, looking ahead to the 26th in 26. Ireland or England… or off to South America? Asia? The world is big, and I’m antsy to see more of it, starting with 3 days in Montreal in two weeks!

I don’t quite know when I started this post. Around 2 innings and a glass of seltzer ago. And as I’ve written, I’ve realized why I don’t document it all anymore. It’s not that it’s not worth documenting. There’s just a comfort level, a hope, that the happy days and the busyness and life as it is now continues this way. Unlike backpacking for a few months – a once-in-a-lifetime-with-an-end-date experience – this adult life is happening, and it’s going to keep happening. So I don’t have to document the dinners to look back on (there will be more) and I don’t have to document the funny stories (there will be more) and it’s okay if I miss a day or a month (there will be more).

It’s a lot more living in the present, which is probably a good thing. But I’ll pop back in soon. I’m about to make pottery classes part of my fall routine – that will be a story.


One thought on ““Fall”-ing Into Routines

  1. being present is very underrated in our society these days…so count it as a blessing you noticed. You’ll write about what made you feel something…like that simple conversation we all had in the car about babies. Not forced, hysterical, in the moment. love you….glad to see you whenever you pop in.


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