Slight Spontaneity

Last night, a friend of the Boy’s I’ve never met quoted a blog post I wrote more than a year ago. Because she too was living with a boy, and it resonated with her.

And then she lamented the fact that we’re not Facebook friends so she hadn’t seen or followed new posts – and I didn’t have the heart to tell her there’d barely been a dozen in the year+ that I’d written that.

So, we’re back.

Yesterday, I declined the 10 a.m. ride with Boy to NYC for his Saturday night show because I had very practical plans of getting work and errands done all day, and in my “why aren’t you being supportive” defense, I’d been out at his more local show late into Friday night (edit: that was provided for anyone wondering, he definitely didn’t ask that). The boys could go have their fun in the city without me.

Fast-forward to noon yesterday, and I’m sitting on my couch, not really getting work done, definitely not in the mood for errands. More accurately, it was noon, I was in pajamas and I was watching my fish swim (side note, just before blogging today, it was noon, I was in PJs, and I was trying to locate my fourth and missing guppy).

So anyway, noon Saturday, I’m bored and being boring. So I booked a train ticket to NYC. Because spontaneity!

Sure, I’ve had crazier decisions to make than last-minute booking a train to a city less than three hours away where my boyfriend already is and his car ride home awaited, but this “why not” decision still had its moments of excitement. Not quite like the time I woke up in Brussels with the intention of going to Paris and ending up spending the day in Luxembourg before falling asleep in Munich. Now, that was a crazy day.

But while I’m making this decision, I drink two giant mugs of coffee. And then for good measure, took a quick stroll down to the farmer’s market for a croissant and an iced coffee. But I’m on the phone, so I drink the iced coffee but toss my pastry package in my purse.

Oh the caffeine shakes on the train were idiotic. And just in time for that *really productive train ride* I had to have, because when you blow off your productive day to catch a rock show in the city, you of course bring your work laptop with you. Obviously.

I never told Boy I was coming to the city, since it wasn’t really confirmed until I was on the train and by then, I was only hours away from an available “Surprise!” moment (those don’t come often when you’re living together). What that also meant, however, was that I wouldn’t know where the band was until they arrived at the show venue. So I had some time to pass.

So I walked.

Mind you, I realize walking in NYC is a very obvious thing that people do and I’m not patting myself on the back. But reminded of my backpacking “Why take the metro, you have all the time, none of the money, walk everywhere” style, I relished the two and a half mile walk from Penn Station to the Chinatown venue. I passed stores and concrete parks full of tulips and grass parks full of kids and courts full of teens playing basketball.

I also happened upon my favorite, favorite bakery I went to so often in Paris. A month later, I would happily rediscover it in Lisbon, on the same day I met Lisbon’s Santa Claus. I was walking down the street yesterday and THERE IT WAS! My favorite chocolate chip cookie in the world.

It was just the happiest moment.

Anyway, an hour later I was in Chinatown. I texted Boy to ask how the venue was (as if I wasn’t basically at it). Asked him if it smelled like dumplings. Which I realize now probably could have sounded a little stereotypical and racist if Boy read that thinking I asked that about the Chinatown bar from my couch in Troy. In reality, I was standing right in front of the dumpling house across the street from the bar.

And then, surprise! A great night with Boy’s college friends, a fantastic show and a great surprise visit with now NYC-based Andrea (our reunions look like always look like this day in Istanbul).


Now I’m home. With the following reflections:

  • I was in way better shape when I walked everywhere in Europe.
  • I wore the wrong shoes yesterday. Today hurts.
  • I left my stockpiles of favorite cookies in Boy’s car and really want one right now.
  • I can’t get either of my weekend bar stamps to wash off my arms.
  • I have raw marks where my laptop bag dug into my side yesterday because I’m apparently very delicate.
  • I hit my first 15,000 step day on my Fitbit yesterday – yay walking!
  • I still can’t find my fourth guppy.

That’s all for today. Off to my second practice to wow all my new softball teammates I haven’t met yet, and then do some research for the Special Olympics New York event committee I joined this week (more to come on that!). Busy times. New adventures. Good times.


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