And then four months went by without a post.

You see, I’ve been really, really busy. Non-stop busy. Like, every morning and every night – you might as well not even try inviting me anywhere, it’s that bad.

You see, I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter series? I finally got to the point where, six point five years after the last book’s release, I wasn’t understanding the Harry Potter references in the comments on BuzzFeed anymore. I couldn’t remember what spell went to what and while I could remember what major characters died when, I couldn’t remember why or how. 

So obviously, 2014 priorities = Harry Potter.

Q1, anyway, once I brought my copies from CA to NY after New Year’s, uninterrupted but for a two week break during which I read Dave Egger’s The Circle (want to get freaked out by the Internet/consider never blogging/tweeting/searching again? Try that one).

I still love these books. I’m as wrapped up in them as I ever was as a kid. Except this time around, I have the occasional glass of wine while crying at death by magic.

I have one book to go. And then about 24 hours worth of movies to watch.

Other Happenings

I titled this post 2014 because I had this thought that in January I’d write a post and call it “January.” I’d call the next one “February,” and obviously it goes on. But now it’s March 3 so just in case I slack, this title covers me. Just to backtrack for a minute, back when it was still 2013 (and Christmas-time), I finished my painting!


I was at a party the other night where a few people talked about how I used to have this great blog and I used to talk about all these crazy travels. Like when 2 euros led to awkward eye contact in Amsterdam. And when I accidentally went to Warsaw.

The pace and the story has certainly changed. So have I. Two and a half years ago, I never knew what hostel or country I’d be sleeping in the next night and now I have a hernia sneaking Boy’s parents’ 6-pound dog into our pet-free apartment building for one night of dog-sitting. “BUT WHAT IF WE’RE EVICTED?”

The most pressing questions of my everyday are usually:

  • Does anyone  pay attention to a website’s homepage slideshow?
  • Will you watch my client’s 90-second video? What if it was two minutes long? What’s your attention span?
  • Is there value in real-time marketing or is it just getting silly and unnecessary?
  • Why can’t I break 627 Twitter followers?

But then there’s other real-life concerns.

  • Is it wrong I named my fish that randomly turned white this week Michael Jackson?
  • What will I read after I finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
  • How & when does one practice darts so that she doesn’t embarrass herself next time she’s at the bar with friends?
  • What’s my Capital Region spring bucket list going to look like?
  • How does one get a children’s book published these days?
  • What makes flavored seltzer so delicious if there’s no ingredients on the label? Will I regret my seltzer stockpile someday?
  • If I want to eat healthy, that means a gabillion carrots is an okay snack, right?
  • When will I ever pick a password for anything that I’ll I remember the next time I need it?

These are the random thoughts at 8:34 p.m. on a Monday. These are what bring me back to my blog tonight – these and the fact that spammers have recently found the need to comment twice daily on my Freshly Pressed Budapest post and I had to do some cleaning up.

But now it’s time to wrap up a few things, grab the Half Baked and read some Harry Potter. Back again, soon.



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