Two years ago, I was running around Paris with no agenda or obligations. I was thankful for a lot of things (none of which have changed in the two years since). People, opportunity, luck.


Here are some new ones for 2013. This isn’t a complete list – I’m thankful for having four days starting almost now for NOT NEEDING TO BE ON THE COMPUTER!

Green Walls and Grandfather Clocksphoto-10

Ever had a 4-room apartment with two loudly chiming clocks interrupting your thoughts every 15 minutes? I did for a day before they got silenced. They make our apartment feel grown-up and feel like home, just as painting our apartment did. It’s the details that have created a  a sense of permanence – as permanent as an apartment can feel, anyway. I’m thankful for that. And that the chimes turn off.

And green and blue walls. Because too many white walls drove me crazy.

Also I said “our” apartment – I’m thankful for that January development, and I’m thankful it’s working out great.


I fought downloading this app for awhile. For so long I said I was a “real” photographer (as in, I have a DSLR that does a commendable job on automatic – truthfully I know very little about photography).

But then I got it, and now I love it. I don’t lug my giant camera around everywhere anymore. My phone is with me to capture and share moments like breakfast with little sister.

It’s not face-to-face interaction (and it’s nowhere near the same) but I’m thankful for the photos my family posts of everyone from 3,000 miles away.


I’m thankful for my family. And our willingness to take joke Christmas card photos in ridiculously large bathtubs.

For Boy’s family.

For Work family.

With the three above… I’m thankful my family seems to have suddenly tripled in size.

And my fish tank. Boy says not to forget the fish family. I’m thankful for blue guy and orange guy and sucker and all the shrimp.

Paint Brushes

I followed a friend to the craft store last April when she needed to pick up painting supplies. I decided it looked like fun. You’ve seen pictures already. I’m thankful for having creative (and supportive) friends.

Boy got me art lessons for my birthday – three months later, I’m thankful for progress.
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5



Not because I like them – they freak me out and they tickle. But they mean girls’ night is happening.

I’m thankful for new girlfriends.

House Hunting (But Not Really)

We went to see a house this weekend. We can’t afford it, and we aren’t buying it. But it was a fun concept to think about. It was nice to come home excitedly saying, “You loved the downstairs? I LOVED THE UPSTAIRS!”

I’m thankful for happy thoughts of future.

The Boyphoto-16

Or as he just put it, title that section “Rainbows and sunshine.”

I’m thankful for Boy.

Even when he runs through the apartment yelling “I’VE GOT A CUPCAKE FOR MY CUPCAKE!” and then slams it in my face.

Cousin’s Healthy Babies

Baby Luke. Maddie Jo.

Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas Album

Because “Underneath the Tree” is SO MUCH FUN.

Also, better music than that. I’m thankful for being surrounded by this music all the time.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series

It broke my addiction to Candy Crush (7 months, 245 levels).


2013 has been full of new responsibilities – both in work and personal life. I’m thankful for opportunities, challenges and learning.


Bubbly and fun but not bad for you like soda? I LOVE IT!

Sister as Cardboard Cup Tray Darth Vader

No explanation needed. I’ll end on this.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Janae! I second the sentiments on seltzer, new girlfriends and looking at houses you can’t buy. Sitting next to you during a pedicure was probably more fun than the pedicure itself. Although I still wonder what they were calling us, in that other language, when we all couldn’t stop laughing at your convulsing. 🙂

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