New art.

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile. I’ve had trouble writing on this blog lately – no new photo albums to share, no terribly crazy stories to tell (which sometimes is a good thing!), and not much at all to complain about. Also, I find the more I write at work, the less I’ve been writing at home. Not necessarily a bad thing, since I love what I write at work, but it is a big change.

I’ve been busy – good busy – taking on new tasks at work and loving it. Coming up with commercial concepts and writing them. Casting them. Working with our motion department – crazy talented guys. I heard a radio ad I wrote the other day, and as its as close as I’ll ever be to being on the radio, rockstar I am not, it filled me with glee to hear my little commercial. Silly, but it was a good moment.

At home, I got a few of my favorite photos from Europe printed on canvas this month – it’s been more than a year since I started planning on doing this, and I finally could get it done. Excuse the iPhone photos – like I said, I’ve been lazy with my photo taking recently. The original photos, from September – December 2011 are below, too.

photo-24photo 2 photo-22 photo-2320110903-072428 20111027-090552 20111109-09005120111109-081209

And my new addiction to canvas doesn’t stop there. Though I haven’t painted since high school art class (and wasn’t all that good then), I figured since I’m not really writing or taking photos in my free time lately, why not try a new hobby. It’ll be fun.

Round one, last Saturday night, based off my photo from Mondsee, Austria.



I felt pretty good about round one. Even though painting while sitting crisscross on the floor left me terribly sore, and the four hours of concentration left me with the worst headache I’d had in a long time. I laughed when I woke up the other morning because Ryan had already hung it up on display in our hallway while I was sleeping. Geez.

That said, round two I can’t post because I only had one big fat blunt brush to do these two paintings (I wasn’t making that big of an investment in my painting career my first trip to the store), and my people in this new painting currently look like big, puffy, furry Bigfoots going to the park. Also, painting is really hard. We’ll see how that one turns out.

And finally, when I’m not painting, we’re unpainting. Here’s a peek at the massive project we started this weekend. Our 150-year-old mantel has at least six layers of paint on it, shaky sloppy black stripes and a really pretty natural wood that takes hours to reach.

photo 3-1 photo 2-1

So that’s what I’m up to. Off to eat some Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream. Now, what are you all up to?


4 thoughts on “New art.

  1. You’re awesome. And I miss you. And I want to hop on the next plane to NY to visit. That’s what I’m doing-thinking about you. xoxo

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