Ten minutes on storytelling.

Sipping quickly from a coffee mug, I’m about to leave to go speak to (and with) a group of Capital Region bloggers I’ve never met. I’ve been asked to talk about creating blogs worth reading – and how to share them, how to promote them.

So I’m thinking. And thinking quick, because quite honestly, I convinced myself until 2p.m. today this talk was tomorrow night.

It’s all about stories, right? I used to be embarrassed when I said I blogged because that – even to me – sounded like “Yeah, I go home and write about what I did that day, sometimes what I ate that day, and I hit publish and hope people will read it because I think I’m important, or at least mildly interesting.”

But no one wants to read that – maybe your parents, grandma, exes checking the blog to see who’s winning the breakup. No one else.

It’s all telling stories. I’ve tried it in various ways for years, through writing, through photos, through a mix… four years ago on my way home from college, it was taking a Flip Camera on the airplane and editing together my first iMovie project.

You want to create something that inspires some reaction – a laugh, a smile, self reflection, a moment of distraction for someone having a bad day. A call to action.

To me, that’s the most important part of creating something people would want to share. The story. That reaction I talked about last night. And then after that, maybe you slightly up the amount of people who will click on it/share it because you made a photo you took of a crazy cat the featured image.

These caught my attention today. Both made me react – with tears, no less. If you have the time, take it to watch. Don’t stop either after two minutes – they start good and they both get better.

Awesome storytelling. One happy, one serious. Both make you think.


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