“I’m Like Batman.”

So you guys really wanted to hear about living with the boy. So much so it sky-rocketed into my top 10 most read posts ever.

Reading the stats on what gets read – or what leads you to this blog – cracks me up. Because, if this blog in some way, shape or form, represents or shares the happenings going on in my life, maybe the search results leading to it might summarize my life, as well.

Or – maybe not at all. 

January search terms leading to my blog include:

  • “Bulgarian webcam girls”
  • “Math Powerpuff girls” 
  • “I love a good Facebook fight” 
  • Sad pictures of boys and girls in love” 
  • “Man embraces a girl in Lisbon” 
  • “I’m not in the mood to socialize”
  • “I need to get towed but my car is parallel parked between two others” 
  • “Was I about to get robbed but then they backed out?” 
  • “Eleven more years eleven more beers”
  • “Children having babies”
  • “A love poem to no one in particular”
  • “Rival crock-pots”

Welcome, Googlers. Sorry you never found what you were looking for.

January 2013 is a blur. We’ve already been in our apartment for more than two weeks. I’ve relearned how to make a pot of coffee, conditioned myself to always put the cap back on our the toothpaste and watched Back to the Future for the first time. I now make breakfast at home, bring a bag lunch to work and eat home cooked dinners – and there isn’t a single Stouffer’s/Lean Cuisine/Healthy Choice frozen meal in the freezer.

I met a neighbor the other night. I was waiting outside to meet someone for a ride, and unintentionally was a bystander watching a scene unfold as a firetruck, ambulance and cop cars attended to a situation at the building next door. Not wanting to be that nosy person, I faced the other way and tried to appear oblivious to the situation I did not intend to be spying on.

Two guys walking down the street come up to me – “Hey, is everything okay???”

Apparently I’d made myself oblivious enough to the situation unfolding, because the words out of my mouth were, “Yeah, everything’s great! … OH you mean that. Yeah… yeah no, I don’t know. I don’t know them. I don’t know if everything’s great.”

(What the hell, Janae?)

So one of them says, “Oh okay, well I just wanted to check. I just moved into the neighborhood.”

And I say, “No kidding, yeah me too.”

And then he says, “Well – if you ever need anything… I’m like Batman.”

To which I said – “You’re… you’re like Batman?”

“Yeah – except without all the cool things. But I’m like, really good in a fight.

And then they walked away!

And I stood there in a fit of giggles.

People make me laugh.


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