“The Secrets to Writing a Readable Blog”

I blog at home, I blog at work – my post for Overit from today!

You’ve been tasked with starting your company’s blog – congratulations!

…Now what?

Management has listened to advice about the perks of regularly posting content online, and they’ve decided to act. They understand that your company blog is the prime opportunity to exhibit your greatest ideas and expertise in your crowded industry. It’s a chance to show off internal thought leadership on industry topics and trends, as well an outlet to demonstrate company culture by highlighting internal updates like new hires, expansion and community involvement, and even the company’s annual BBQ.

But only if you don’t screw it up.

How you approach mapping out a blog strategy is critical to success. Many blogs don’t gain massive readerships overnight – if ever – and having a bad blog is worse than having no blog at all. How will you get readers to come back week after week?

I know, now you’re nervous. Don’t be. Your blog is going to be great, because you’re going to master three things critical to writing a blog that people actually want to read (and that you’ll enjoy writing).

See the rest of my post at http://overit.com/blog/writing-a-blog/.

Featured image via Overit.


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