October blooms

A year ago, this blog was the everyday travel journal of a backpacker with no itinerary, no deadlines, no responsibilities but to stay alive and not lose her passport. It was fantasy-like.

And then the blog transitioned to what’s next. The one-way ticket bought for a return to New York. Then the job search. Then that February week I got a new apartment, new car, new job and new boyfriend. So there was a lot to blog about.

As things have settled here, so has the blog. Less change everyday. More comfort. Less to share.

But whether it hits the blog or not, there’s still a lot of writing. Photography. And this month especially, it’s all starting to really come together.

Crazy Hallmark-like “Wordplay” from October last year has turned into being the tagline writer at work. Travel writing has turned into content writing for a resort. All that nonprofit work I missed from college? Next on my to do list today is some writing for my friends at Forsaken Generation.

And the photography? I’m still finding new faces. I did my first family photo shoot last weekend. I’ve taken thousands of photos over the past few years. So different when you’re doing it for a purpose – as in, they have to come out good or you just wasted people’s time. But 500 photos and one hour later, it was a success.

It’s been awhile since there was a “Cooking with Q” blog post. He’s still at it. In the last few weeks, it’s been homemade mac’n’cheese. Roasted chicken. He took my homemade pesto, reblended it with mint and roasted almonds and this was my lunch break at home last week. I keep telling him how sweet he is feeding his girlfriend all this food that’s slowly bulking her up. At least she’ll keep warm this winter.

All the way through October, I haven’t killed my garden yet. A shocking amount of oregano. A mint plant that just got a massive buzz cut. I have more parsley than I know what to do with.

So that’s the scoop, that’s what goes on when three weeks go by without a post. Lots of photos, lots of writing… Lots blooming in October.

Coming From Reality, Sixto Rodriguez. My current favorite album.


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