A year ago today, WordPress decided I wrote something decent, and I had my first post ever Freshly Pressed. “Part One: A Look At Budapest.”

This is the love fence. If you are in love, and you come here, you write or etch the initials of you and your love on a lock, put it on this fence and throw the key in the Danube River. Then you and your love will be together forever.

Maybe you think you love him but you’re not sure, maybe just a romance? So maybe you buy combination lock instead.

77 bloggers liked that post. My followers spiked from something like 7 to 55.

And I panicked.

Now people are paying attention! And, what if I say something wrong? Factually incorrect? Or an opinion that angers or offends?

What if I’m boring?

I bought the domain that week. The temporary quirky name because I couldn’t come up with anything better at the time became a .com.

And after an insanely quick year has gone by, I got an alert that said my domain was up for renewal. Four days before the deadline, I just committed myself to another year of blogging some thoughts and clogging some news feeds.

But, what if I say something wrong? Factually incorrect? Or an opinion that angers or offends?

What if I’m boring?

This past year has taught me that’s okay, because:

One, you can plan all you want but things will surprise you. You can plan how you think the story will go, and it might do the opposite. Or be better than you thought.

Two, if it makes you laugh, it might make someone else laugh. And risking showing I have a dorky sense of humor so one of my followers might get the giggles is worth it.

Three, the stories you tell aren’t always going to be witty, educational, sassy – they might be frustrating, disappointing or without answers. For me, sharing and getting feedback makes me saner than any silent overanalyzing ever could.

Four, pictures of sunsets, cats and kids are gold.

…But if those standbys aren’t available, a picture of the boxers, shoes and lotion I found outside on the sidewalk the other night works. Sometimes life is weird. Really weird.

Five, I just really, really like to write. And that’s reason enough.

I might not be in Budapest, there aren’t any love fences for many miles to tell you about, but stories are inevitable, and I’m pretty excited.

Glad you’re here!

Goldfish, “Get Busy Living.”


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