August, in a Nutshell.

It’s rare that two weeks go by  without a blog post, and it makes me laugh when people notice and then ask me what’s going on. A few times, people have thought I quit. Other times they’re worried something is wrong – this week, you were curious about, “Hey, when are you going to blog? We need to know what boy did for your birthday.” But I don’t just hop on and document everything – and then he did this, and then he did this, and then he did this.

But he did bring these.

I’d definitely share the shrimp scampi and fried scallops.

But I couldn’t share the rest because there are no pictures exciting enough to share how he cleaned my whole apartment top to bottom (or ceiling fans to fridge to floor), the antique bookshelves, the clock that now hangs in my kitchen to tell me how late I am for work, or that the “If I had a dresser, you’d have a drawer” bedroom now has a two-drawer dressed in the closet under my hanging clothes.

There you go, Gyasi. That is a bit of what boy did, amongst other shared movies and meals, more importantly the chats and fun. And a Lake George arcade trip where he beat me in Skeeball and beat himself in air hockey.

That was the birthday, and now I am 23.

And what I would share are my new attempts to use my kitchen all by myself. Which led to a burnt omelette tonight, but more excitingly these last week…

Finally, I’d cap off August with a trip to Cape May, where Carly got a ukulele, I got sunburned and Ella made another new best friend.

And that would be all. Unless you want to hear about the twenty minutes I spent tonight looking for my cell phone using – built for people like me, who make life really hard on themselves sometimes.

That’s August!


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