Sunday sharing.

“Had my dream again where I’m making love, and the Olympic judges are watching. I’d nailed the compulsories, so this is it, the finals. I got a 9.8 from the Canadians, a perfect 10 from the Americans, and my mother, disguised as an East German judge, gave me a 5.6. Must have been the dismount.”

The Olympics are on, but I’m spending my Sunday night watching When Harry Met Sally, and I’m so content. I love the old couples telling their stories.

No spoilers in the clip below.

It’s almost August.

I’m almost 23.

It’s almost the 6-month mark of my employment.

It’s almost the one-year anniversary of the start of my backpacking trip.

All for another post.

Tonight, it’s just me, Harry, Sally.

And, short of a full cooking blog, a picture of this week’s shrimp scampi. From scratch, herbs from the herb garden.

No complaints.





Cookin’ With Q: Grilled Salmon (and Homemade Pesto because I Didn’t Kill the Herb Garden Yet!)

A few weeks ago, I got home from work on a Friday night to a boyfriend waiting on my porch, and with him, a brand new herb garden for my apartment.

Yes, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days fans… It’s like the super love fern and I’m terrified to kill it. Because I’m terrible at this things. Remember to water a plant? Five plants? I can’t remember where I put my car keys the night before… every single morning.

But I check it when I wake up. And every evening. And sometimes I water it. And sometimes I let it be.

And wouldn’t you know, it has grown!

So tonight’s Cookin’ With Q – all pictures, no recipe – is Friday night’s grilled salmon, pasta with homemade pesto and potatoes.Read More »

Stuck in draft mode.

Just days shy of one year ago, I had a serious conversation about writing, and by extension, life. On a Saturday night over our mugs of coffee, I was asked what I write, why I write and who I write it for, why I wanted people to read it – and why I thought people would read it (I didn’t know). Less than a month until my departure to Europe, a four-month-long adventure with no itinerary and just a flight in December from Barcelona I had to catch, I was asked what my goal was with the trip. What I wanted to get out of it.

And I said something lame like “To see new things. And meet new people. To learn.”Read More »

Telling a story people want to read.

“That’s the beautiful thing about writing… It’s endless.”

So said my shuttle driver this morning between my hotel and the Orlando International Airport. He’d asked me how I’d ended up choosing to live in New York when my family lives in California. A short bit of small talk about geography and the weather later, a mention of Niagara Falls met with my response of having never been led to his comment, “Girl, you need to adventure more!”Read More »