We’ll Call You “7” – Three Couples and the Not-Single Solo Girl Take On Boston, and Other Love Stories.

Memorial Day Weekend in Boston, MA. I drove out there to visit old college friends for one day and two nights of catching up and sightseeing, with a side order of Woodchuck and Goldschläger, Apples to Apples and The Game of Things enjoyed. Begrudgingly leaving Ryan behind to his weekend-scheduled work – side note, weekday date nights are under-rated, lovely and less crowded – I ended up in Boston with uno, dos, tres couples. The below photo was not staged.Pictures of me from this weekend went more like this.Oh, 7th-wheeling – the odd number sitting in the public transportation seats, Groupon coupons for the Boston Harbor sunset cruise being discounted in groups of two and four, the separate checks for the couples and the girl with the Cobb Salad.

Oh well. These people have known me a long time (and really, they’re used to me traveling solo).

I was really, really happy to see this gang. They’re great friends and spending time with them is guaranteed laughs.

When it got really cold on the boat, they held me, too.

And now, I’m back in Albany and Memorial Day Weekend is coming to an end.

Once upon a time last year, when this blog had four followers, 200 lifetime views and no big stories to tell, I started an internship on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. You know, like what tomorrow is, a year ago.

You want to be awake for the start of any internship, so I walked into the coffee shop downstairs.

Walked out with a latte and a big crush on the barista. Cue puns. #LatteLove. #IdRatherYouWakeMeUp. #CaffeinatedDreamingIsIronic.

I don’t know if you all have picked up on my need to put things in writing, but my girlfriends and I had a post-graduation forum to deal with post-graduation freak-outs, fun and a little bit of flirting. The screen-shot to the right sums it all up pretty well.

That’s all you get. Sure, that thread goes on for uno, dos, tres, cuatro pages before I started a new thread instead of a new post accidentally, and then that went uno, dos, tres more pages.

So yes. It’s an anniversary of sorts. I’ve been stalking this guy for a year. It wasn’t easy, but it’s gotten easier. Now I know that his schedule is different every week.

Now, when you don’t know that? Really hard to plan spontaneous encounters.

Ask me about the time I got stranded across the street from work in a mid-June flash flood I knew was coming, and it turns out he wasn’t working.

What a waste.

My gang: Jacob, Ryan, Ella, Janae, Cassie, Carly. Albany, NY. May 2012.

Every once in awhile, stars align for a really good blog moment. I was driving home from Boston today, thinking about life, the past few days, mentally drafting this post. I had a mental side-by-side of these two images next to each other and it made me laugh.

I’ve come a long way since cardboard boyfriends found on the streets of Bulgaria.

So I’m driving back from MA, and I’m thinking how could this weekend get any better?

And you know, sometimes this blog could just write itself.

Because you wouldn’t believe who texted me today.

This weekend, I was a girlfriend traveling solo.

Remember when I was a single girl traveling in Europe?

Avid blog followers.

Think about it.



That’s right.

Today, I got a text from Stefan. You know, from that time I accidentally ended up on a date in Nice, France. Six months ago.

He follows this story by asking if all American girls smile all the time. He told me my smile makes him happy and that’s why he had to sit down next to me on the beach, because he didn’t know why it made him happy.

Aw… Ha… Ha… Let’s talk about correct. If my friend asks me why I smile all the time, it’s going to put a huge damper on his excitement for this coffee date.

Also, yes, it was just implied I sit on empty public beaches grinning like a goober to myself.

Poor Stephan, or, as I learned in today’s text, Sophien. I was packing a big crush on Ryan in my big red backpack. Sophien’s not getting my Facebook information today, as requested, but the text did make me giggle. For the record, he hopes I’m fine and he wants to meet me. According to his text, he’s in Tunisia now.

I’m in good ol’ America, and I am so happy to be here.

What a weekend.

A photo for people inclined to “like” blog posts with cute animals – I visited my friend Stephanie on the way home from Boston today. Meet Bella and Duke.

Until next time, friends.


2 thoughts on “We’ll Call You “7” – Three Couples and the Not-Single Solo Girl Take On Boston, and Other Love Stories.

  1. Ugh such a great post, Nae! Wish I wasn’t working so much or you could of had a buddy to make fun of all those couples with! I really had a fun time reading today especially after I had to work on National BBA Day. Peace girl

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