Choose Your Own (Fairytale) Adventure III

Back in October, I found a castle in Germany.

Back in December, I climbed a little higher and found a castle in Portugal.

And now I’m back in the United States, and I’m not near any castles.

And I swore I’d never write a blog about what I ate that day. That’s always how I describe my writing when someone asks what it’s about – “Well, I write a blog, but you know, I mean it’s not a blog like ‘I woke up today. And then I ate breakfast. My milk was expired, but I took a risk. Because I live on the edge. And then I put on my socks. And then I went to work.'”

My blog has to be about something.

Except not my boyfriend. Because how annoying are those girls who only talk about how perfect their lives are and how handsome their boyfriends are and how they don’t deserve them but they love them and as long as She can keep fooling He into liking Her without Him finding out any of Her flaws, They’ll live happily ever after and She’ll feel like a whole person.

Flaws, schmaws. Tonight, talk of tanning led to me saying “Why tan when you can get a sweet spider bite and heat rash – nobody rocks those like I do.” By the way, my spider bite from reading on the lawn this weekend is really bothersome.

Utterly and completely unrelated, “Oh and a diet coke” popped in my head, so I’m sharing this.

But you know, sometimes I’ll break my rules on what to post on the blog.

Especially the day after I post a bunch of random pictures of ducks – and that post is the one liked by 17 bloggers.

I get it. I’ll quit it with the words and the wordplay. The rhymes and the puns. The sentimentality and the seriousness.

Happy ducks, playful kittens, sad puppies – that’s all you people are getting from me from now on.

So since we’ve committed to trivial content, and You’ve Got Nae is never going to get picked up by The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal or the Farmers’ Almanac, I AM going to tell you what I ate today, and I AM going to tell you my boyfriend cooked it for us.

So latest fairy tale. If Rapunzel kept her hair thrown back in a pony-tail, @SnowWhite tweeted with the birds instead of sang with them, Cinderella’s cleaning took place only when she remembered and Belle dressed “up” in dresses from The Gap.

Also, I will write about this dinner because it will probably be the one time I tag a blog post with the term “cooking.”

Croque monsieur, with a homemade bechamel sauce, salad with blue cheese, almonds, walnuts, with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The boy doesn’t just come with flowers, but also new knives for my apartment to prepare dinner, a new whisk and an ice tray.

Blurred cell phone photo because I really just wanted to sit down and eat what was in front of me.

356 days ago I walked into Starbucks, ordered a latte and ended up with a huge crush on the barista. I know this to the minute, because May 31 was my first day of my internship, and my HR meeting was at 8:30a.m. Also because I have the time-stamped e-mails to all my friends to prove it.

“Well, if the two minutes of flirting every day with him is the highlight of my summer, I’ll so be okay with that.”

Who knew.

Until next time, friends. Here’s a picture of my grandma’s kitten. 


5 thoughts on “Choose Your Own (Fairytale) Adventure III

  1. This is great. And not because of the kitten 😉 I will never forget that Ellen clip. Every time I am eating popcorn in a movie theatre, or anywhere actually, I think of her imitation of the “shovelers” and remind myself not to be one. Then I think of you and your mom because I saw that video with you guys. Anyway, dinner looked delish…I need more stories, and I know you have them. Blog, email, whatever, I like them 😉

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