The Aggregation of All Things Uncomfortable

In case you missed it, last night I listed all the cute, interesting and awkward search engine searches that have led to my blog.

Remember this guy in Nice, France?

As I’m sitting on the pebbles messing around with camera tricks, an old, tan, skinny man arrived. He got in the water, just his feet because he was wearing rolled-up jeans, then laid down near me. About four feet away. Mind you, it’s a coast in mid-November. There is plenty of space.

And then he started masturbating.

Oh, I kid you all not, I could not get away fast enough.

Woke up this morning. Checked the blog. Checked the stats. Checked the search toolbar.

“Men masturbating in niece france”

And no, I didn’t make any spelling errors there.

So wrong.



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