Love vs. Awkwardness… and What Else Led You To “Me”

Every once in awhile, social media makes me giggle. Like I’m fooling people.

Like these people who followed me on Twitter in the past ten days:

  • Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett): Global Business Celebrity. BestSelling Author: Running the Gauntlet & The Mirror Test – Speaker, Thought Leader, Sometime Cowboy.
  • S. Chris Edmonds (@scedmonds): Speaker, author, senior consultant with @kenblanchard, author Leading at a Higher Level & two tweet books, @JonesAndRain member.
  • Mohamed Osam (@mohamedosam): A blogger and SEO and social media enthusiast. CCIE-Security, CEH, MCSE and PMP certified. I also do a lot of C/C++, php, asp, MySQL and MS-SQL programming.
  • Bob Richards (@Bob_Richards): Space entrepreneur. Orphan of Apollo. A Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, Odyssey Moon & Moon Express (CEO).
  • Ken Blanchard (@kenblanchard): Speaker, Business Guru, and Author of over 50 books, including the One Minute Manager.
  • Karen Bergreen (@karenbergreen): Comic, dictorial mother of two, and author of NYT and O Magazine recommended book – Following Polly.
  • Scot Finnie (@ScotFinnie): Editor in Chief Computerworld, journo, IT, mobile, security, cloud, CoIT, OSes, media, green, finance. Mac geek, Android user. Father. Married to @cyfinnie.

Do they all know they connected with this girl?

Thanks, Twitter, for suggesting me – I had not followed any of them prior to them following me – but let’s be real here.

I tweeted “L’eggo of my #” and laughed at myself for five minutes afterward, and my measure of social media influence maxed out right around the time I tweeted:

Anyway. I don’t care what gets you here – I’m glad you’re are. Sorry if you got tricked into coming here thinking I was an expert in anything.

And by anything, I mean anything. Like these search terms that have led to You’ve Got Nae.

  • Love in Paris
  • Switzerland trains
  • (my mother’s name)
  • Forrest Gump Why Don’t You Love Me
  • Bangle “off anymore”
  • Barcelona knife
  • Funny pictures for girls hostel
  • All Things Love
  • Bird that meows
  • Sketchy Italians
  • Skeptical babies
  • Just smile for happy people
  • Having sex in an Amsterdam peep show
  • (My sister’s name)
  • Men with cameras
  • clogged toilet + tampons
  • This Means War I’m Yoko
  • Christmas greetings in different languages
  • Chicago the band
  • UPS flights
  • iPad won’t connect to the wifi in Barcelona
  • Love vs. Awkwardness
  • Sudafed and champagne
  • Prague pissing boys
  • Don’t you wonder what will I be in the future?
  • Tan lines
  • STDs Red Light Amsterdam
  • If a girl says fly me to the moon
  • Had to wear headgear
  • Tina Fey and flip flops
  • Graduated hair dyeing
  • How my thong pictures came back to haunt me
  • When people special to other people
  • Mum told me to wet myself
  • Give my phone some credit.
  • This is a random beep coming from my nook
  • Funny pictures of babies smoking
  • Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. Rewrite Cliches.
  • Movies about every time the wind blows someone dies.
  • Panties for see-through ivory dress
  • Toy Story 3 alliteration
  • Dr. Seuss long distance phone calls
  • 3D Glasses cause anxiety attacks
  • Does “It Ends Tonight” have alliteration in it? (I’m in a fit of giggles typing this)
  • Do red drapes mean prostitute
  • Don’t know why I bother with friends
  • Lots of babies
  • My friend got the same backpack as me – What do I do?
  • Questions to ask your AFLAC representative about maternity leave
  • Neil Patrick Harris Christmas card

And my favorite, “I get drunk on life.”


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