Thinking About You and Laughing.

It’s a two-part post.

Thinking about you.

How well do you know yourself?

Who influences you creatively/professionally/personally?

What’s your favorite color?

If you were an animal in a past life, what kind of animal?

Do you know your “isms” – your quirks?

Quite often recently, I realize I’ve never thought about these things. And when asked these questions, I have no answers.

Surely somebody has influenced me (outside of immediate family). I’ve been saying Lucille Ball since I was ten. Is that still the answer?

What makes you “you” – do you know?

I also was asked what Hollywood actor I find most attractive today, and couldn’t come up with an answer. The last thing you’re going to do is tell your boyfriend, “Yeah, I find George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Ryan Gosling pretty sexy. They’re all my ideals. I’d have their babies.”

But is it also worrysome if your girlfriend can’t name one actor she finds attractive? “Just one guy you find hot, babe… Do, do you have hormones?”

Just kidding. He didn’t say that.

Back in the olden days of 2009, I thought Adam Scott was really cute. Especially that time  he was right next to me as I was struck with severe food poisoning and focusing on not throwing up all over the Step Brothers premiere after party, like say on David Hasselhoff’s shoes, and had to shakily give up my seat for his very pregnant wife.

We were probably equally nauseated. She was so put together. I was so sweaty.

This scene makes me laugh so hard.

The only picture we took that night. Me with porn star Ron Jeremy's bald spot. Really, what more do you need?


I was watching The Dick Van Dyke Show this afternoon with my grandmother. Rob thought he had developed an allergy to Laura, and the whole concept of developing an allergy to your partner made me laugh… really, really hard.

Snogging and sniffles.

Cuddling and coughing.

Kisses and Kleenex.

Hugs and hives.

Happy sighs and bloodshot eyes.

I love you (achoo). God bless you!

I’m such a nerd.

It’s always the really stupid things that get me laughing the hardest. Like almost wiping out in a massive puddle on the way to the coffee shop tonight. I have internet and a couch at my apartment, but I like a good two-block adventure in a downpour. In 40 degree weather in flip flops with a backpack.

A few weeks ago, four friends mixing two worlds – college, after college – were together. Two on either side of me.

And they started layering beats.

One started off with one beat. Beat. Beat.

Then another jumped in.

And the beats were regular musical beats.

Until one beat was a duck call.

And another was just the word “Boom” repeated.

And these odd worlds were colliding – and simultaneously beating along together in this strange little life harmony…

It had me laughing for days.

Because it was so silly. And free. And funny.

And it wasn’t life being taken too seriously.

Which I do, sometimes. Even though I’m certainly not shy…

Maybe too reserved to jump in with my own beat…

But my friends are making me learn to, and I’m certainly laughing, and it makes everything more interesting.

Which is good since somebody in Australia found this blog this week and read 80 of the posts, so I have to keep it interesting.

Someone in Australia didn’t get very much work done this week.

(Hi, Australian friend)

So, there you have it. Another night spent with hot chocolate, a cookie and a laptop. These are the random thoughts of the week.

What makes you “you,” and what makes you laugh? 


5 thoughts on “Thinking About You and Laughing.

  1. “Which is good since somebody in Australia found this blog this week and read 80 of the posts, so I have to keep it interesting.

    Someone in Australia didn’t get very much work done this week.

    (Hi, Australian friend)”


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