Another Story.

Some days you wake up two hours and twenty minutes late.

With two cold sores, because you get those when you’re stressed. Aka first day of school. First day of work. First day of anything important. Definitely going to have one on your wedding day.

And knowing that you woke up two hours and twenty minutes late today, you’re dreading what your face is going to look like tomorrow.

And some days you get really, really cranky.

And when you finally make it to work, your bag splits open and your personal/work laptop lands in a pile of dirt. Which you bring upstairs to your now dusty desk.

And you’re really, really whiny.

And then something makes you stop being such a whiner. Like someone else’s story. An honest, great person great mother piece from someone who has had a much harder day – and still remains positive.

So you snap out of your whiny mood.

And you share her story instead.

“Today I had a breakdown in the pharmacy.”

Thanks for reading.


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