one in the crowd under clouded skies
ignored by the two with their starry eyes
in the same spot where a duo just said goodbyes
with sad eyes under all those stars disguised
by clouds blocking any light tonight
where i came here to sit to think to write
these words I try and try
to get right
next to this aging flickering
yellowed streetlight
under these clouds
between myself and the sky
under which sits one single solo guy
the man with no plan feeling not much like a man
as time goes and he’s just getting by
losing time lost in thoughts
and faded snapshots
locking eyes on polaroids
of what now are have-nots
while i sit drinking decaf
and hear the happy pair laugh
 with my mug with a chip
filled to just more than half
as the clouds clear the skies
and the happy couple hug goodbyes
where the goodbye couple dried their eyes
as it’s a plan the man starts to devise
and i watch, and i listen, and i try to learn
about all those feelings these eyes did discern
to put together this draft
the first and only, half-caf’d
before a climb in to bed
to rest for the day that’s ahead

for the sleep that is needed
after this day now completed

(this is the evening coffee routine…
same place, different people,
each night repeated)


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