Questions For Answers

Is eating two Healthy Choice meals in one day a healthy choice?

Will knowing all the lyrics to Build Me Up Buttercup ever come in handy?

No socks or re-wear socks? Not saying I don’t do laundry. Just asking.

Why does sleeping in give me a headache?

Why does drinking too much water give me a headache?

Why is my body so whiney?

What do you do with that extra arm when you snuggle/spoon?

You know, the big spoon one that seems would only be out of the way if you cut it off.

When did my wardrobe become full of sweaters with unnecessary mid-stomach belts?

Why did a bag of grapes cost me $8.00 the other day?

Why the “ew, gross” nervous giggle when the Aflac representative started talking future maternity leave planning with a glance my way?

Why are the best sunsets I’ve seen since Europe always happening while I’m driving?

Why can’t work always be done from the apartment’s second story porch?

These are just some of the thoughts.

It’s 7:26 PM and my neighbors might be getting busy to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”


Annie are you okay?


3 thoughts on “Questions For Answers

  1. yes
    socks w heels is never good
    sleeping out gives me a headache
    because you need more water
    under the pillow
    late 2010
    2.99 a pound
    I don’t trust ducks
    you leave at 6pm
    because the man says no

  2. Knowing the lyrics to “build Me Up Buttercup” usually comes in handy when discussing classic Farrely Brother’s lines like “What the Hell is Brett Favre doing here?” and “Is that hair gel?”.

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