Stop and do the dishes.

Slowing down. I realized this week my bosses wouldn’t fire me if I take two minutes to make my bed in the morning. Or hang my clothes and my towel. That when you’re running late to run early, you still end up getting there on-time.

I’ve always kept busy without ever spending a lot of time on “me.” I like being involved with projects, and helping out friends… and in the meantime, I’d rather my Lean Cuisine take 2:30 to cook than figuring out a home-cooked meal for myself. I’m going to sleep in my bed at night whether it’s made or not. Similarly, the clothes will fit the same whether I hang them or not.

But I’m taking the time now to stop and smell the roses.

To stop and do the dishes.

To recognize no next-day client meeting is going to be so traumatic I can’t take an hour and a half to go see the Oscar nominated shorts playing at the theater two blocks away before they stop being screened two days later.

It feels great, even if basic concepts really get the best of me sometimes. I had to YouTube how to hang my Target $19.99 tie-up curtains the other day. I couldn’t figure it out from the picture.

At one point, they were hanging upside down.

I got it, about thirty minutes later.

Special project of February and March 2012 – About a month ago, I posted pictures of Carly at the recording studio with the band. We filmed a music video that day – originally to be a solo song by Ryan, thus the way its filmed, but the other guys made wonderful contributions. The song is the 2012 Syracuse Relay For Life theme song, “1 More.”

1 More… Dollar raised… Life saved… Hero made.

When we can get it on iTunes, all proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

I had a lot of fun making this – the first music video I’ve ever made, definitely not the last.

Hope you enjoy.


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