When days turn to weeks and months.

I’m back in the cafe two blocks from my house. The books on the take-a-book/leave-a-book shelf next to me range from Photographer’s Market to Golden Retrievers for Dummies to one called Your Mouth is Lovely. The other night here, I saw people playing Boggle for the first time since I was five. It boggled my mind.

Time is moving quickly. Very, very quickly.

I graduated from college fifteen months ago. The last time I dyed my hair was ten months ago. The first date I had with the now-boyfriend was eight months ago, exactly, tonight. We got sushi. My boss had let me curl my hair in her bathroom as soon as the clock hit 5 PM. I might’ve painted my nails earlier in the day.

I left NY seven months ago. I bought my red backpack five days shy. Ten days shy of seven months ago, I flew to Europe with Dad. Ten days later, I bought a Turkish baglama I’d never get to send home. Thirty-five days later, I dropped the instrument and shattered it at the Vienna train station.

Ten days shy of three months ago, I flew home to California.

One month and one day ago, I moved to New York.

Four days later, deposit on the apartment.

Two more days later, keys to the car.

Three more days later, first day of work.

One more day later, a boy became a boyfriend.

And along the way, I picked up more non-my-own-blog distracting side projects than I ever intended on having.

Like a life full of Relay for Life work. I’m currently the top fundraiser for  the 2012 Syracuse Relay For Life. Anyone want to help beat cancer? Please? I’ll log off from here and write a press release and a few pitches. Because there’s a music video coming soon – the theme song, written by the band, will go on iTunes for $1.99. Carly and I shot the studio footage weeks ago.

And becoming the band Tweeter/Photographer/Videographer/Website-builder…

By all that, I mean this. Pretty nifty, huh?

At least I have a real bed now. One acquired by – cringe – Craiglist shopping. Mattress, box spring, bed frame for $200? Okay. Yes. Sure. Gosh I hope I’m not picking this up from an old man I’d never sleep with. It’s 12:30 PM when I send that e-mail.

It’s 1:45 PM and I’m picking up a U-Haul truck with my cousin.

It’s 2:10 PM and it’s not an old man – it’s a cute guy with a hotter German girlfriend. They’re getting a king-sized bed!

It’s 2:30 PM and a rope is hauling my box spring over the second-story porch.

And that is the pace.

And it’s pretty intense.

And there’s not much relaxing. Ryan asked the other night if I even know how to.

It’s a work in progress.

For the first time since I started staying in hostels, after months of waking every two hours, I’ve finally had two weeks of sleeping through the night. Well, pretty much.


Did I ramble enough? I’ll just let you all know the stack of board games to my right goes:

Gender Bender. Chess & Checkers. Sex and the City Trivia Game. Monopoly Junior. Trivial Pursuit.



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