150 Words.

Living vicariously. I heard that a lot from everyone when I was in Europe, and it made me smile. You were living vicariously as “we all” talked to strangers, didn’t fall off castles, got woken up by strange men in hostels by the rub of an arm (and we were on the top bunk), and we all never had the correct change.

So it was fun, and funny, to hear it this week. You living vicariously means 1) always, always, always pulling the cord that turns the ceiling fan on instead of the light, 2) sleeping on an air mattress that deflates throughout the night – but hey, we do sleep with an electric blanket, so at least we’re warm, 3) making pb&j big girl lunches for our big girl job and 4) we might have just gulped straight from the milk carton.

You all still with me?

I hope so.


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