Feels like home.

I get antsy when I don’t blog. Four times in February just doesn’t cut it…

But I think, after a few weeks of getting prepared for New York life, I think… I’m ready to LIVE my New York life.

And it feels great!

I have an apartment. One with exposed brick walls, wine bottle wall paper, black pantries… If the place didn’t come decorated enough on its own, cousins and aunts helped my cousin and me this weekend. After trips to Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Big Lots, Marshall’s, Pier 1 Imports, Goodwill and the grocery store…

We have salt and pepper shakers that match the island.

A teapot that matches the wall paper.

Urns (URNS?) that match the candle that matches the quirky decorative stove in the room we don’t know how to use. I’m thinking hammock.

We have a home.

A home I might have been cursing for being uncleaned between tenants – and the last tenant was a male with terrible aim – but a home that is bright and shiny and mine.

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It’s a bit comical – my bed is an air mattress. My cousin: “You know, if I were to walk into a girl’s room and she had an air mattress, I’d be like ‘Oh, yeah… Let’s rock this thing.'”

It’s a work in progress.

So, now, sitting at my kitchen table, coffee mug by my side, music playing from my bedroom…

It feels great. And more stories get to come this blog’s way again.

I’m not sure about what.

But I’m six weekdays in to life as an employed person again… and it’s more than wonderful.

Thank goodness – we all know I was coming to New York February 4 either way.

But I definitely landed where I’m supposed to be.

Case in point, my manager and I can bond over being Syracuse grads and a mutual love of Hall and Oates. Really, what more do you need?

Car, job, apartment.

And heck, there might even be a boy. But that’s personal (and I do have a filter, dontchya know). Plus, why embarrass him?

Totally random side note, isn’t that singer in the last post cute?

Happy sigh. Goodnight from New York, everyone.

Peace, love and all sorts of knickknacks.


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