New Yorker (Week One)

I didn’t quit the blog.

I just was insanely and fantastically busy.

Let’s see – Monday we found out I have the credit score from h*ll due to a $24 modem. Awesome.

And I can’t quite put together what I did Tuesday.

But Wednesday? Visited an apartment. Loved the apartment. It has an exposed brick wall, already decorated kitchen, decorative old-fashioned stove in the dining room… Love.

And thus the mad rush to beat the next three people with showings to leaving a deposit. Just made it.

Lots of work. Everything related to what comes with signing a lease for an apartment. Should I mention I’m moving in with a couple suitcases and an air mattress? Starting from scratch here, folks.

Keys to the apartment Friday.

Keys to the car Saturday.

Family in town Saturday and Sunday.

First day of work today.




I haven’t slept much. I just got in the biggest fit of giggles of my life, doubled over laughing, tears down my face, on the cleaning supply aisle at Walmart.

But I just had a fantastic weekend, with photos and video better for sharing than the sentences I’m able to construct at the moment.

Anyone who has followed this blog at length knows I spent the summer drinking too much coffee because I had a big ol’ crush on the barista.

Well, he’s lead singer in a band, too (btw, the band in the Relay promos I made and posted a few weeks ago!).

So, yes, it’s just fine being back in New York after six months away. Especially after my 11-year-old sister visiting from CA had one of the coolest days of her (and my) life by learning the ins and outs of what goes on at a recording studio the day after she found out she made Honor Choir.

It’s good to be back.

Photos and videos, from this weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 thoughts on “New Yorker (Week One)

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