Parking Lot Positivity

Moving through Europe = plenty of time to write.

Moving across the United States = zero time to write.

I do miss writing every day.I woke up homesick for Lisbon a few days ago, the last place I drafted a children’s book. I miss having a camera on me at all times – I forget to pack it and miss capturing all those couples holding hands, the sunsets, the funny signs… I dropped habits I’d hoped to keep. There hasn’t been a journal in my purse lately and I stopped saving receipts. I certainly stopped walking everywhere. I haven’t talked to enough strangers.

I’ll work on that in New York.

Two days and I’ll have landed. I packed my bags today. Ella isn’t coming with me, but Eeyore is.

Move to New York, search for an apartment. My new job (I couldn’t be more excited to meet everyone) starts soon after.

Which reminded me. A couple years ago, the owner of the restaurant I worked for looked at me and, in front of multiple people, said “You remind me of a cartoon character.” When I asked what in the world that meant, he said “I don’t know! I can’t place which one.”

So seeking comfort, or at least understanding of whether or not a cartoon character comparison was a good or bad thing, I asked a male coworker, who came up with “I think it’s because you have such big eyes. Like, really big eyes. And your mouth. Probably that.”

Another coworker, who I’d end up living with later, just said “HAH! I TOTALLY SEE IT!”

My new coworkers haven’t met me face-to-face yet. I hope I don’t scare them off with my E.T.-like features.

Which, based on home videos we dug out of my garage yesterday, have always been around. And let me tell you, I might have more smile in my upper teeth than most people need in their entire mouths, but I really dodged a bullet when I got braces. 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade me… rough years.

I do miss the overalls, though. The 90s were great.

Things that make me happy: This parking lot. Camera-less yesterday like the dummy non-tourist I am now, I drove back today because it really made me smile.

The CAMP, Costa Mesa, CA


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