Flying Time

Few things can occupy my time like working with Syracuse Relay For Life. I’ve been editing together promos for the event nearly non-stop for the last three days.

More on my love for Relay soon.

My best friend did get me out of the house this morning though, and off to Balboa Island we went. I love the island, because throughout the years, small shops have come and gone quickly, blips on the radar, but the oldest ones I can remember? Still there. Still constants. Some things don’t change. I went to the little store I’d bought the “peace” ring in 2003 and the “grace” ring in 2006. Add “harmony” to the list, and all these years later, for the same price as the others.

While not blogging the last four days, I marked the “I got home one month ago” day. I can’t believe I haven’t been in Europe/at a hostel/on a train in over a month. It’s weird to think Lisbon was six weeks ago, Paris two months ago… That I left for my big trip to Europe over five months ago.

More thoughts on that, tomorrow.


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