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Big day!

1) Hello 25,000 hits. That makes me happy. That could have taken 25,000 posts.

It’s weird knowing it doesn’t count any of my own clicks – just yours, and only if you got here through links. It doesn’t count anyone who gets every post delivered through e-mail… It makes me happy, it keeps this going. 1k mid-August, 10k mid-October.

What do you guys want to hear about next? What should we all do “together”?

I badly want to buy a 5-day pass to the Irvine International Film Festival. $150. I’m debating whether one or two days is within budget (let’s face it – the Del Taco I just bought wasn’t quite in budget). Knowing I probably can’t afford it, I sent in a volunteer application this morning to see if I can work during it instead. I sent it in two days past the deadline… Fingers crossed! Something to see, something to do. Something to write about. Definitely something I haven’t done before.

2) Better news, I finally saw The Muppets today. I’d been talking about this movie since last July but hadn’t caught it in Europe. I took Ella after she got out of kindergarten today. She’d already seen it, but I wanted someone to go with.

Even though a “Me Party” would have been acceptable. That scene cracked me up.

There’s no one at this party that I don’t already know.

Actually, when I said “Ella, do you want to go to the movies with me?” she distractedly and off-handedly replied, “I have plans.”

I looked at Mom. “What do I do with that?”

We caught her attention a minute later and she agreed to go with me.

Just now, Ella answered a telemarketer’s call (at least, I hope it was). I just heard her say, “No, we DON’T need that.”


3) That video may look long, but nothing has ever impressed me like that. I miss Semester at Sea and my cabin steward Edwin, who I spotted in that video three times.

I’m finally sitting down to put together my Europe 2011 book. I’d made one for Semester at Sea in 2009, combining my blog with all my photos in a hardcover book. Only three copies exist – Mom’s, Dad’s (who never has his – it’s the one I keep “borrowing” to show people), and my grandparents’.

The difference between this time and last time is that I built my Semester at Sea one as I was blogging, as I was taking the photos. When I got home from Semester at Sea, all I had to do was hit “publish.”

Not this time. I’ve only gotten as far as titling this one “Everything’s New.” This project is massive. Daunting.

To see my first book, click here.

My friend Cooper (in my head and SAS blog, he went by his last name) called me the other night. We hadn’t talked since we’d said goodbye in the Virginia airport in August 2009.

You never would have known. It was a rather awesome thirty-minute phone call.

It makes me wonder who from my Europe trip is going to pop up one year, two years, three years down the line. Same thought goes for “long lost” high school friends, college friends…

It’s fun. I’m excited.

SAS photos- Summer 2009


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