For the birds.


people, all over.
Begin at the beginning,
find the end.
Remember everything,

forget it. Go on,
and on…

– Robert Creeley, “Things to Do in Tokyo”
Selected Poems 1945 – 2005, p. 178

I don’t know why I love that – just a small part of a 3-page poem that, if not entirely applicable, stuck in my head as I approached backpacking. I’m sure if I really knew what was going on in it, I was probably way off base. But nonetheless, I marked the page. Hooked.

I was just contemplating what would happen if I didn’t post today. Would not posting one day lead to not posting another, day one, day two, day three, day more… Will this blog fall when I stop showing up? When you all stop?


Is a post-less day the first sign of life slowing down? Or is it getting busier?

I don’t really know. I know caffeine did me no good today.

I just fell asleep face down in the book of poetry.

I’m trying to understand why lines “get me” even when I don’t understand them. I’m trying to be a better reader. I just finished The Hunger Games and will move on to Catching Fire tonight, but for now, poetry. Because I sit here trying to figure out what I love about this (and I know I do because I wrote “LOVE this” next to it in August), 1 of 32 “Gnomic Verses.”

Of right Of wrong Of up Of down
Of who Of how Of when Of one
Of then Of if Of in Of out
Of feel Of friend Of it Of now

– Robert Creeley, “Gnomic Verses”
Selected Poems 1945 – 2005, p. 247

I’d share more but I’m afraid of hitting a fair use limit and I’m still not really used to anyone paying attention to what I put on this blog. There are 300 more pages of poetry I’m trying to figure out. I like when poetry answers questions, questions you or raises questions you weren’t previously questioning… When it relates directly to your life but you’d never have found the words yourself… and I’m rarely short on words.

Anyway, just as I thought I wouldn’t post anything today, a couple dozen parrots showed up in my backyard.

There’s always something beautiful. Every day.

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