The next day.

This has been my go-to happy song for over three years.

Everything hurts.

My arms.

My ankles.

My back.

My head.


But at the same time? I feel so good! Yesterday was a lot of fun. My fear of being the last of twenty participants, though I knew was silly, was put to rest immediately. I went out there and had a great time.

The stats:

Official half-marathon finish of 2:43:14.

12:28 pace.

2,909th of 3,954 finishers.

72nd of 86 girls 19-24.

I’ll take that. When I had told the couple yesterday I’d gotten used to walking long distances in Europe, but hadn’t really trained, the man said “You must have a good core, then.”

I think I relied equally on my physical core and my core group of supporters (ehem, you all).

I’m already looking up future races. I’ve spotted one in April and one in September within 50 miles of where I’ll be living. Maybe I’ll convince some friends to join me in either of them. Between now and then, I’ll have to learn what it means to really train. I swear I won’t blog about gym visits. “Today, I did this and my heart rate was this!” No one needs that.

I sent the mass “Unofficial time 2:44” text with the finish line picture to eight family members and friends. My aunt replied to all (accidentally) “Who are you and what have you done with Janae?” followed by “Since when do you run marathons?”

I laughed. I’d just told a relatively new friend last week I’m in a better mood and bigger, better, can-do, why not attitude than ever. Case in point, deciding to go backpacking and starting the trip in Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Two years ago, 20-25 pounds heavier, uninspired, mopey and entirely anti-social. One year ago, stepping out more but ten minute walk to anywhere? Heck no, not when I have a car. Not signing up for marathons.

I love now. I’m embracing this.

After the marathon yesterday, I went to my cousin’s superhero-themed 4th birthday party.

Super day.

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2 thoughts on “The next day.

  1. Super Hero Party??? I can’t think of a more appropriate ending to your day. Thanks for the pictures of some of our most favorite little ones……..grandma

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