“I made it look like it rained.”

I was inside dealing with this.

It’s the 50% of clothes in California. All the work clothes are in NY. Remember when I lived out of a backpack? Getting back to that.

Anyway, Mom was upstairs folding laundry. Ella was watering the plants with what we assumed was her little pink bucket.

We decide to check on her.

“I made it look like it rained.”

She didn’t miss an inch of the yard. Mind you, we’re in Southern California with a water shortage.

Mom and I are cracking up. Ella advances, holding the sprayer my direction. I say “Ella, don’t push it!”

Ella: “You should go inside.”

She takes another step forward.

“Go inside.”

Is she threatening me? I’m cracking up.

Mom moves to grab the nozzle like a member of the slow-motion SWAT team. Ella shoots the stream straight upward. “See, it’s raining!”

Mom is soaked. So are the dogs.

It’s fun to be five. Love this girl.


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