Remember a month ago when I walked all day, everyday?

I felt so good about my endurance, I signed myself up for a half-marathon as motivation to keep it going.

Half-marathon day is tomorrow. 

I think, I think I can do it. I’m approaching it the same way I did six-hour train rides through Europe. It’ll be over by lunch, what else would I be doing with that time?

I realize that’s not how it works. Power-walking for three and a half hours is not the same as power-sitting/children’s-book-writing/sleeping/possibly-drooling-in-public.

I’m certain I have the endurance. Upper body, breathing-wise anyway.

I did a number on my ankles while I was in Europe, though. That’s my fear. If I don’t finish tomorrow it’s probably because my ankles threatened to snap off around mile eight. I know better than to do permanent damage to them. I just hope I listen to the signs. I’m very stubborn.

A friend suggested I walk and talk. Lining up phone call sponsors- you all are welcome to sponsoring a mile where you talk for 10-12 minutes about anything you please. If you feel like nobody’s been listening to you lately, I’m your sounding board. Your sweaty, panting sounding board.

For 10-12 minutes.

Tomorrow is essentially a science experiment where I try to make “positive energy” 100% translate to real, physical energy. It’s been working well for me recently.

Today’s nerdy little social media fun: I Tweeted a video by Time this morning. They responded. Then my supportive girlfriends did. You have to read it bottom-up to follow.


Doesn’t take much to get me in a good mood.

If I finish the half-marathon in under four hours (which is entirely reasonable) I get a medal.

And if I don’t finish, I’ll probably spend the rest of the day writing a children’s book that rhymes about how small failures lead to bigger triumphs. Something corny like that. It’ll be book #7 and the main character will probably be a bug. That’s generally the case.

Traveling Wilburys on loop this morning, lyrics are great. Happy Friday, friends.

Well it’s all right, riding around in the breeze
Well it’s all right, if you live the life you please


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