Everything is Alright.

It wasn’t until a few days after I got back to the United States that I had my cell phone on a ringer other than vibrate. When I got a call and my phone started playing “Uptight,” it was such a happy moment. I love that song.

Last night’s New Year’s Eve was fantastic. After dinner with my aunt, uncle, grandmother and my grandmother’s high school friends, I ran up to Saratoga and met up with my friend Athena. Athena and I had been great friends in high school. Between August 2008 and now, we’d seen each other once. I needed to see this girl.

The best friends are the ones that months – years – can pass and conversation picks up the minute you’re back. My best friend in California, Erica, and I only ever went to school together from third to seventh grade. I moved to NY in 2002 and spent 8th-12th in Saratoga Springs. She went to Notre Dame; I went to Syracuse.

Doesn’t matter. Christmas parties every year. Girl talk. Family talk. Anytime we’re in town together. We put on our running shoes and spandex, walk the half mile to the Starbucks and Donut Star we “earned.”

Athena and I met last night at 9:15. Giggly – jittery – girly excitement. Ended up sitting with our coffees until 10:45 at night. Walked the streets of Saratoga looking for a place to get a drink, but the bars were so crowded and we weren’t wearing heels or anything bedazzled. We wanted somewhere we could still talk (It had, after all, been over a year since we’d seen each other and only once in three and a half years). We ended up at the Pacific Grill, a nice little sushi restaurant.

Perfect. We each got a cocktail. Mine was called Love Potion. Super girly. I loved it.

At ten minutes to 2012, I had the perfect fortune cookie fortune.

Close to midnight, the large party at the table next to us started a countdown. At fifteen.



It didn’t matter. My phone said 12:00 before they hit seven, and every one clinked drinks. The group started singing Auld Lang Syne, loudly, until it died… Someone says “No one knows the second verse to that song anyway.”

Bill paid, 12:01, we went out for fireworks.

The fireworks ended, we went home, and we didn’t stop talking until 4:30a.m.

Not a bad start to the year.


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