Happiness Will Do That To You In Lisbon

Happiness breeds happiness.


I’m making sure to not waste these last few days. I know, comfortable as it would be, not to slip into cruise control and coast the rest of the trip. There is plenty to see and plenty to be done. My cousin told me to keep approaching everything as fresh as I did the first few weeks of the trip four months ago. I am, I will, if I’m letting my days start later, bed come sooner and city stays last longer.

I booked another two nights of sleep in Lisbon. I’ll make some moves on the ninth.

I finally went to the castle today! I left my hostel and went in the general direction, meaning I knew the castle was somewhere up the giant hill in the general left direction. Lisbon has a ton of narrow streets, multiple-story buildings and hills, and you can easily lose your sense of where the end goal is fast.

I found these spots on the way, and way out of the way.








At one point, I reached a dead-end. It was a neighborhood street that suddenly stopped, overlooking a main road below. A woman walking her dog told me what I’m sure was “this is a dead end, you have to turn around!” with a smile. I smiled and waved, turned around, and six houses down, just as I passed a series of steps to my left I hadn’t seen, a man popped his head out the window and pointed, with a smile. I took the steps down… Back on the main road.

I earned whatever food I ate today. I think I only clocked in at the four mile range, but today was Lisbon climbing day. Up and down, and then up and down some more. I found my lookout point.




Picture-taking cracks me up. A man asked me to take a picture of him, with his wife, and motioned behind toward the castle and the bridge. I took four shots, all properly framed, full of Lisbon loveliness, well-lit… I did my best. He then reached for my camera to trade.

Could this picture have anymore of me in it? Any less of Lisbon?

Just in case you all forgot what I looked like in the past day.


That one was posted for my parents. And Grandma. Hi Grandma!

And down the hill I went to get up the hill to the castle. I even paid the entrance fee to something today.













The route home from the castle was far shorter. I could see the way down from the starting point. I had to seek out a new coffee joint today, so instead of Brown’s I ended up at House of Cool.

The wifi password at Brown’s was “verynice” – appropriate for the place you get hit on by the barista.

The password at House of Cool is “happyday”… Appropriate.

I like the random things learned on this trip that have nothing to do with travel. Like brushing your teeth while chewing gum isn’t efficient, it’s confusing. More importantly, thank you Lisbon for twice showing me a tuna sandwich can simply be egg, tomato and tuna – no mayonnaise. I’d been conditioned to assume all tuna needed two tablespoons of Hellmanns or Best Food’s mixed in to be edible.

Saw this in a window and had to have it. The man called it “typical of Christmas.” It’s what happens when a churro and French toast have a food baby.



I want to keep doing this. I think I will – in shorter, more manageable methods that serve as a side dish to real life. I’m thinking the South America chapter comes next.

Bathroom stall quotes always fascinate me. Why there? Why then? What happened on that person’s day?


That’s all from Lisbon, today. Nine more days of exploring. I fly home on the fifteenth.

It’s not a rush, it’s not a countdown… But I am excited. I prefer to call it “counting toward” some things at home.



3 thoughts on “Happiness Will Do That To You In Lisbon

  1. Hi, honey!…….Actually, that man had the right idea. Lisbon might be a wonerful city to visit,
    but can it really compare to the radience, joy, life, and love that is Janae? Love the thought of ” counting toward”. In a week you will be home and the start of another “new beginning”, To be a part of your 22 year journey has been truly a blessing……..love you so…..grandma

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