To Whom It May Concern… One For Thanksgiving

On my way to the 14th Arrondissement a few minutes ago, a man stopped me on the street and asked if I spoke English, then said, “I have written a book, I write poetry and you look like an artist. Would you like to get a drink?”

If he wasn’t just a little too shifty-eyed, I might have said yes…

This year I’m thankful for everything that makes me smile.












Happy holidays, friends. Nancy is coming. Commence girl talk and champagne…

I’ll be back in a few days.


9 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern… One For Thanksgiving

  1. Sweetie, well as you might have guessed, my favorite blog so far!! A few of things that quickly come to mind. I have laughed more when reading your blogs (the ones that were supposed to be funny) than probably anything I have read. I absolutely love your perspective and how you are able to put it into words, both comically and seriously. You have clearly displayed your independence, on so many occasions, and most importantly your independence of thought to not go with the crowd. You do have wonderful, understanding siblings who love and support you very much and I am so glad you have the wherewithal to appreciate them for that. I’ll stop being specific at this point but I so agree with all your other notes.

    You are an AMAZING person and I am so, so, so proud to be recognized as your dad! You have no idea how many times people (relatives, friends, co-workers, practically strangers) will say to me……oh that Janae, you must be so proud (as I am beaming!!). All my love sweetie. Enjoy Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with you by being able to hug you in person!!

    P.S. Thanks for the frog in my throat first thing in the morning : ) Also, please fix any of my typos!!

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