Monday at the (Milan) Office

Yesterday, this trip almost lost me. I don’t know that I would’ve booked a flight home six weeks early, but I was stir-crazy in my hostel. I might’ve caught a train to just about anywhere.

Six weeks left of this fantasy reality, honeymoon with myself trip. Six weeks I’ll never get back, never have again. Six weeks.

But pent up in my hostel room, as the rain poured down in buckets, bonkers. I wish I could say every rainy day inspired a poem, a children’s book, something out of the artsy side of me I’m slowly embracing a little more each day, but I haven’t had somewhere I’ve needed to be in three months. I love having a cell phone that rings. I quite enjoy having an inbox that is never empty. I like a walkie talkie in my pocket at a big event, meetings at inconvenient times and tasks that people will get mad at me if I screw up. I like being busy.

So on a raining buckets day, stuck inside, I might definitely have craigslist searched freelance editing jobs. I ache to correct spelling errors and cross out overused commas. I job searched on both sides of the United States. I flight searched both roundtrip and one-way tickets for plans and said job I don’t have yet. I did not focus on On The Road. I held complete attention on a bag of gummy bears.

Yesterday was not my best. Yesterday was a bit rough.

Today, the sun came out… Barely. I got outside for the first time in sixteen hours and walked to the Duomo, and I’m embracing this trip again. If this is my Monday morning, the Duomo can be my office. Sure thing.



I walked to Castello Sforzesco, wound my way through the park and had quite a good time hanging out with myself. To be honest, I’m a little sick of myself at this point. Three months is a long time to hang out with anyone daily.






I’m happy. The sun is peeking through, I took a photo of a couple who were self-timing photos and running to pose, I took one of someone taking a crooked arm MySpace shot of herself… I was helping people!


I was in a torrential downpour five minutes after that photo was taken.

I ducked into a sporting good store, as I’d been told the umbrellas off the street vendors weren’t worth their cheapness for even an hour of rain. They had one type of umbrella, and it was big. How big? Four reflections big.



After another hour, I had to go back to the hostel because my right shoe’s sole is unglued at the toe end, and thus until I acquire superglue for the second shoe fix of the trip, rain goes right through.

And it rained, and it rained, and I found a job in San Diego I positively drool over (a staff writer position for an organization I love, seeking people who can walk the line between professional and snarky-humored writing)… Yes, please. Of course, the job is for immediate start and, well, I’ve got a room booked in Venice tomorrow. That said, I feel more qualified for this job than the job Erin and I found in Amsterdam.


The rain stopped and I made myself venture back out, wet shoes and all. Job search later, future later, now is now. I finally got to experience the high-end fashion district of Milan, I found a giant Milan park, and as I pondered how to spend my endless free time, I found these spots to spend it.





But the real reason I’m glad I ventured back out when I did…


Because that happened.

And it only cost me 20% of what the guys asked me for after, because I went out for a stroll in Milan, Italy with a single 2 euro coin on me. Also in too-big secondhand jeans I’m now rolling at the waistband.

I’m never going to get this trip back. I’ll spend it wisely. Celebrating a newfound happiness that had been swapped for about 36 hours of crabbiness, I grabbed dessert. As the bartender presented it to me, he said “My heart, for you.”

All I heard was “four euro,” so I handed him a five.


I’m so clueless sometimes.

Finally, in case that bird photo wasn’t enough… Enjoy this.










I think the last one is my favorite.



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