At midnight I searched “Berlin rail” to find the schedule for trains to Amsterdam. Has anyone read the news lately? At least 16 undetonated firebombs have been found on Berlin rail lines this week, care of an extremist group. Scary stuff. I had just commented to Erin how the Hauptbahnnof station is the largest, neatest one I’ve seen. Regardless, I was there at 8:45 this morning. Upon arrival I watched a kid wearing a hoodie exit, look both ways and bolt across the street – slightly unsettling. He was just catching a bus.

All is fine. At least, I think. I got to Amsterdam two hours late. A train on the tracks ahead of mine caught fire as it was carrying “dangerous goods.”

On that note, something for a day spent on trains.


[[somewhere back hung a neon sign]] – [[flashing yelling you were mine]]

[[but somewhere back I redirected]] – [[lost track of the connection unexpected]]
[[I’d closed my eyes and missed the views]] – [[blind to having nothing to have but all to lose]]

[[that spot with you I left unreserved]] – [[seems it was a first class ticket unobserved]]
[[but again at the station with the baggage I carry]] – [[the thoughts I’ve inked on old stationery]]

[[for on these rails I’ve learned a bit]] – [[about the legs in our story I’d left unwrit]]
[[tonight I wish to catch you again]] – [[so I close my eyes and I count to ten]]

[[but at eleven I sit I’ll stay I’ll wait]] – [[alone between platforms seven and eight]]

Janae DeRusso. Copyright 2011. Sharing is caring but stealing is really crappy.


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