Where Everybody (Maybe) Knows Your Name

I’ve written before about my love for traveling solo- meeting other solo travelers and making them your best friend for 24-48 hours, swapping life stories, making future plans to live together.

It’s been better in some cities than others. I had no friends in Vienna. Budapest was pretty solo. Krakow was redeemed by Charles, who had us sharing a pair of iPod headphones, bopping down a street listening to traditional Polish music before a smooth transition to Eminem.

I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

With Erin gone for Germany already, I had to make a new friend. Luckily, my new friend moved in to the bottom bunk next to mine. Alana. She’s gorgeous. She has studied wine, journalism, acting… She’s been in commercials in Brazil.

I might as well be a baby-faced bum next to her.


Actually, as telling life stories go, you always get to love, and man… To hear “I’ve been very unlucky, I think there may be no hope for me.”

Well then, you can find me in line for the nearest nunnery.

Last night, we went up to the hotel bar and watched a girl from our dorm room perform. She had, possibly, one of the best, rawest, most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. Just her and her guitar, and Champagne Supernova, Give Me One Reason To Stay Here, Use Somebody, and Everlong.

I’m just surrounded by super cool girls.

We met up with two other Brazilians, all who could speak way better Portuguese but spoke English for me, and we went out for an awesome dinner where I ate no overpriced stale pretzels.



This morning I practiced being a tour guide, and got Alana, Rodrigo and I back to the Lennon wall. It had a lot of new graffiti on it, and in my opinion, Erin and I caught it on a better day.





But oh, to do a photo shoot with a model.

Her jumping shot…


Mine. Sweet scarf and socks, yeah?




“Smile like you’re laughing” goober.


Next to experiencing new things, my favorite part of this trip is watching other people experience other new things. Like Rodrigo, who had never seen a Mallard before. He’s also never seen snow. “Childhood dreams.”

Ah, perspective.

Goodbye, Prague, give me an address I can send you love letters to until I return. If I ever disappear on my readers, go ahead and check here first.



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