Prague Posing

Like every other city, day two is free walking tour day. I usually end up in the exact same places as day one, but this time learning why I should be there. Today, the guide wasn’t a local, but a girl from Austin, Texas. She and her husband had visited Prague in 2009, fell in love with it and decided to move here for 1-2 years.

I want that.

She went to school at Northwestern for journalism and previously worked freelance broadcast journalism assignments. She said we’re akin, “but people that go from journalism to public relations join the dark side… Just kidding. You’ll work normal hours, better pay, and probably don’t work on Christmas.”

But now, she’s a tour guide working just for tips, walking the city she loves.

I could work on my storytelling. I could learn history. I definitely would tell jokes and smile for tips.

I could do that… In fact… I want to!

I have so many places to be in 2012, and the to-do list gets longer everyday.

It’s my afternoon break. After the walking tour, I wandered down every side street I saw looking for secondhand stores and shoe stores. My feet are cold and the shoes I brought hurt the second day I wore them. That was a drag. I’ve been considering Greek sandals and socks. The fun thing about wandering for thrift shops, not known for their signage, is stumbling on every other little side-street store, like the vinyl record shop where I resisted buying the 3-album Stevie Wonder collection for the player I don’t own.

I got some terrific shoes though. On sale. Leather. Ugly. So comfortable.

And I’m back at my hostel, which is tremendous. 80% of it is actually a four star hotel- the lobby, the ($$) restaurant, the bar with live music every night. On the basement level are a series of group rooms. I’m in a room that has room for 26 women, but partitioned off just so you’re only really with three other women in any nook. It’s bunk beds… With the same heavenly white comforters and big fluffy pillows as the hotel upstairs. For $18 a night.


That said, pluses and minuses- being more hotel-y than homey, there’s no kitchen, so I eat out every meal. Luckily, there’s a grocery store around the corner, so breakfast was a banana, yogurt, water and a croissant, all for under $2.

I love it here.

20111007-041850.jpg Not any of the sci-fi characters you’re thinking. A tribute to Mozart outside the Opera where he had the grand opening of Don Giovanni.

Franz Kafka had a dream someone was wandering the town aimlessly, without direction, head or arms. Kafka climbed on to help point the way.

I don’t know this guy’s story. I just like him.



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