I’m moving to Prague.

I considered working that into this post better, but it didn’t happen. Just stating, I’ve been here fifteen hours, and I’m twenty minutes into researching job opportunities and master’s programs. You say “you’re kidding,” I say have you heard about the Prague Film School? Screenwriting is a course requirement.

Backing up. I’ve gotten into a routine. The first day in any city, I drop off my stuff, settle if I can, and walk. On days after night trains, when I’ve checked out of the hostel the previous day at ten and can’t check in on the current day until three, I throw my hair in a messy pony, wear sweatpants, carry a giant water bottle and walk with purpose. Then I pretend it just looks like I’m going to yoga class.

I take out my new map to determine if I should go left, right or straight from the hostel, then I put it away and it doesn’t come out again. What I lack in fashion sense I make up for in sense of direction. It usually involves walking across bridges and “stumbling” on castles.

I’ve been to some pretty neat places.

I’ve seen nothing as perfect as Prague. It’s beautiful. It’s whimsical. It was a Thursday, and I still saw them.


I walked, jaw-dropped, for hours today, considering how many nights I could stay here this time (probably five), when and could I come back, and why. Work? School? I have strong reasons to be home. That said, all you strong reasons can come with me. Anyone at home, just start packing. New life experience time. Ready, set… In 6-9 months, for 6-9 months?

I went out tonight, without my camera. I did the same loop around the city. Beautiful buildings, beautiful lights… And music? I followed the music. I thought about work and school, and wouldn’t it be fun to be in class again… And what did I stumble on, but Studentski Jarmark 2011.

The 2011 Student Fair.

Hundreds of university students holding cheap beers and wine were crowded up to a huge stage brightly lit in the courtyard of a massive cathedral. A ten-piece cover band entertained- saxophones, trumpets, harmonica, singers. I squeezed my way up fifteen feet from the stage, and spent the next hour there, listening and dancing with everyone. No one heard me talk, no one knew I wasn’t a student.

Prague is perfect.

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10 thoughts on “I’m moving to Prague.

  1. Can’t wait to go to Prague! Looks so romantic. Love the bridal pics. Love your attitude too – just get out there and wander. Will have to try that some day – who knows what I will find!

  2. I will allow this on two conditions, and two conditions only.

    1. We will live together in a romantic split family home.
    2. Rex can come as well.

    🙂 Keep wandering

    • Bill and Barb! Of course!!! So good to hear from you! I hope the rest of your trip was nice. I hope we have another dinner again soon! Thanks for the subscription 🙂

      • we are in Canada right now for their thanksgiving weekend, weather’s great and yes we had a very pleasant journey on to Prague after we left you guys.
        in fact the next morning we were in Bucharest for 3 hours waiting for a train to Timisoara, met a guy around our age over coffee. he spent then next 2 hours taking us on a taxi tour (which we had to insist on paying for) of Bucharest the highlight being a stop at an orthodox cathedral hearing an almost perfect male choir, yes maybe even better than the Mormon Tabanacle, which we could never have found on our own.
        we also met some other lovely people on the way very few of them with your charm confidence and quiet intelligence. we both enjoyed meeting up with you so needless to say if you make to Sydney please contact us and we’ll try to do what we can to assist you journey.
        BnB 🙂

  3. “Prague never let’s you go. This little mother has sharp claws.” I read this three years ago, right before I actually experienced the truth of the intoxicating claws. When you’re 25 I’m 28…we will be overdue for international rendezvous at that time. I’ll be there if you are:)

    I love you. And you’re pickin adorable, by the way.

    (I don’t know why the h I haven’t subscribed to your blog until now. Shame on your cousin. You are a brilliant one and I love escaping my world to yours.)

  4. The Czech Republic is an amazing country. What I love the most are the castles! I visited last year. My friend who is a native showed me around. I definitely want to come back and explore more. My most recent post is about ma favorite castles near Prague.

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