Caffeinated in Prague

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Phase One: Spain with Dad.
Barcelona -> Madrid -> Barcelona.
Phase Two: Eastern Europe with Andrea.
Barcelona -> Istanbul -> Cappadocia -> Ankara -> Sofia -> Belgrade -> Sofia.
Phase Three: Backpacking Honeymoon for One
Sofia -> Plovdiv -> Veliko Tarnovo -> Bucharest -> Brasov -> Budapest -> Vienna -> Warsaw -> Krakow -> Prague

Man, I really struggle with currency. I’d taken out enough to pay for my hostel stay in cash, which meant it came out in two big, rather useless bills. I know enough to walk into the bank to break them up and got them down to the equivalent of $10 bills.

My big purchase of the day, the one big meal I’d be having: A $3 tuna melt.

That’s really all I wanted.

I’m a little tired though… Espresso? That’d be a nice little splurge. I don’t see instant coffee on the menu.

“You have to give me a twenty.”

But I don’t have that coin.

“A twenty or nothing.”

But, I don’t have that… I have a fifty? (Fifty = $2.50)


Okay… Scratching head… Maybe if I up my espresso splurge, I get myself into the next coin bracket.

“Ok… Can I get a latte then?”


Okay, not what I intended. Folks, I am wide awake.



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