I’m debating whether I should pick what I want to do before I start looking for a job. Maybe I should just apply to them all. Two years ago, a woman wearing a suit at the career fair smiled at me. Next thing I knew, I had a 2nd interview for an insurance-selling position. “But Dad, they give you a company car!”

In a dream world, I write 25 pages of something brilliant in the next two months, get offered a book advance, and ship myself back over to Eastern Europe periodically while I write the next bestseller. But if that doesn’t pan out…

I’ve gotten pretty used to this short-form blog writing. I’ve been doing it for three years now. What I’m trying to figure out is what comes next (or, simultaneously). What’s my goal? A novel? I’m not great at describing scenery. A screenplay? I love dialogue. A children’s book? Short and rhyme-filled.

And also, a job in public relations, because that’s what I went to school for and I quite enjoy that, too.

I have a list of ideas. If I could sell the rights of titles to books/screenplays I think people should write, I might have a decent little gig.

I’m really struggling with writing them myself. This is the current project. I need focus. I need to work at different hours. I need to drink more coffee.

Some silliness to be shared, because this is where my brain is at:

My friend wrote me a message the other night with regard to my broken sandals.

I wish I was the tape on your Greek sandal right now. What I wouldn’t give to spend a day in your shoes 🙂

I have a lot of free time to think. It’s made me a bit zany. These were my next ten minutes.

I’m glad to see you’ve hit Hallmark territory with expressing your sentiments. Is this where I tell you we make quite a pair?

I could knot imagine life without you.

‎(outside) With you as my laces, Ill win many races. (inside) Thank you for keeping me together.

I might outgrow these shoes, but I’ll never outgrow this love.

Unlike these sneakers, I promise to love you when you’re old and smelly.

(outside) Socks? Who needs them? (inside) With you, I’m always warm.

(outside) we can always walk a mile (flap) and we will always share a smile (inside) most importantly, we will always, always be in style.

I’M ON A ROLL! Thanks for being my sole.

Like a cheap pair of thongs, you can do no wrongs.

Like shoes on my feet, my heart you complete.

Like nails on my toes, my love for you grows.

Like a fresh pair of shoes, you’re the best kind of news.

Like shoes at half-price, I didn’t think twice.

Like a shoe that fits right, it was love at first sight.

You take me higher than the best pair of heels.

(outside) You take me higher than the sluttiest pair of heels

-But you won’t give me blisters.

-But with you I never ache.

-Please don’t hurt my sole.

-But when I fall, I’ll fall in love.

(outside) Forget Velcro. (inside) We’ll only have to tie this knot once.

So, how does one put that, uh, we’re going to call it talent, on a résumé? Thoughts?

Until then, off to go giggle at Catch-22. It’s fantastic.


4 thoughts on “Wordplay

  1. This totally made my day! Catching up to you on your 3 hour cruise. I’m exhausted and need to grow a pair of arms to accomplish what i’d like to.

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