Dracula’s Casa. Way more of a fiesta when he’s around.

If that sounds like a complaint, it’s not. I’m pretty thrilled I’m planning this trip for myself, never know two days in advance what country I’ll be in and I still end up at places known as Dracula’s Castle.

I’m just saying, to take a bus to the bus station to take a bus to a castle to take a bus to a bus, it was a journey for a couple cool photos, which as always are below.

Learned I’ve learned something, and that’s always fun. Always buy bus tickets in pairs. Big deal if you never use the second one. Bad deal when you get caught on the bus without one. See, we’d left a main city bus stop in Brasov to get to coach bus station to get to Bran. Upon our (me and my bus friends of one hour) return to the coach bus station, there was no vending machine for city bus tickets, and me, a young couple and a normal adult regular person couple got on through the back entrance. I’m not sure the other four even knew a ticket was required.

Except I was the only one with a ticket. And no one on any city bus yet has checked to see if I’ve actually had a ticket stamped by the little machines throughout the bus. But they were checking this time, and all four of them got hauled off by two attendants to the police station, passports requested and everything. The one couple didn’t understand what was going on, I had the full idea of both sides (what they didn’t have, what they were supposed to have)… The attendant saw me explaining to them, thought I was Romanian, thought I could translate, which led to me waving off with a “no, no, American” and moments later waving with a sad and useless “good luck.”

Overnight train to Budapest, Hungary tonight. Learned that other lesson, reservation bought this time. 12 hours in a window seat. Off to my sixth country and twelfth city, for the first time hostel friendless on a leg of a journey. I’d had Jay Plovdiv to Veliko Tarnovo, seeing him again in Bucharest. Alex, Veliko Tarnovo to Bucharest, arriving one day later than her in Brasov to sleep (or Skype rant home about snores) in the bunk below her.

Not this time… Wish me luck. 🙂

Bran Castle













And goodbye, Brasov… I climbed 183 steps to take some of these photos. Yep, I counted. Lots of free time to think, folks… Gotta keep busy.







5 thoughts on “Dracula’s Casa. Way more of a fiesta when he’s around.

  1. Looks like the Eiffel Tower has 1,665 steps (or 1,710 … Seems to be a debate on that one; although, not sure how that’s possible). Anyway while you can’t climb all the way to the top, there are over 300 stairs from the ground to level 1 and over 300 stairs from level 1 to level 2. If you are bragging about 183 steps, looks like we are taking the elevator up the Eiffel Tower!! ; )

  2. I must say I’m a little disappointed by Dracula’s residence. I was expecting more coffins and bats…

    And I also am not surprised you’re in XXL shorts if you’re eating ice cream cones that are as big as buildings 😉

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