“Probably” Perfect


These umbrellas are everywhere in Brasov, and they crack me up. They want to make such a profound statement, but with the slightest insecurity, they don’t want to disappoint anyone. I think they’re brilliant. Today, I wandered the streets thinking of where else “probably” would be great to use. I ended up at the altar, letting go of my soon-to-be husband’s hands just long enough to properly air-quote as I stare into his eyes and tell him in my vows “you’re ‘probably’ the best one for me.”

I spend a lot of time alone lately, wandering, thinking, smiling and laughing at myself. Some call it “endearing,” others “unsettling.” I sat in the town square for awhile, eating ice cream and staring up at the Brasov letters in the hills, wondering how long it took to put each letter up. For how long did the hill say BRA? A couple hours, a couple days? And then BRAS?

So much thinking time.

Today was a great day to arrive in Brasov. An autumn Saturday, so many weddings. So many people in traditional Romanian formal wear, suits, tuxes, carrying canes. Really played up the whole “Transylvania” idea everyone has. A cloudy day here, it didn’t make me crabby like in Bucharest. The sun peeking through clouds just made the architecture all the more old-fashioned and mysterious.










3 thoughts on ““Probably” Perfect

  1. Hey sweetie, finally getting caught up on your recent blogs. I love the black and white wedding shot. I see a commercial in the making….something about the importance of being on time or something. Great photos overall in this blog…thanks!!!

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