In need of a Bucha-Rest.


I spent much of the other morning with this cat in my lap. For a long time, it stood on my stomach, purring and doing this hysterical little march in place on my lap. Left up, right up, left up, right up. Repeat.

I set out yesterday to do some cheap wardrobe shopping. I don’t have a single pair of pants, just capris, shorts and skirts, and fall is here. What I found was a massive H&M, where for the first time in my life I thought “$12 for five pairs of underwear? I can do better.”

I am living life on the cheap.

I wandered for hours yesterday, coming across the People’s House (parliament building, second largest government building next to the Pentagon, if I remember correctly), Revolution Square, the university, and so much more Bucharest history. I love it here. I walked until I was exhausted, falling asleep in my bed at 5:30 rather than doing the 6p.m. walking tour I’d planned, and slept the next two hours.








I’m still sick, and as of last night, it was getting worse. That said, I ventured out to a district with a huge amount of nightlife – dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes. Men playing violins, accordions, guitars. I wish I had a soundtrack of all the sounds and songs I’ll never hear again from this trip. I ate dinner on a corner and watched the crowd, and in the middle of this bustling nightlife, read the first three chapters of Water for Elephants. I’d sleep 12 hours once I went to bed.

I’m content.



2 thoughts on “In need of a Bucha-Rest.

  1. such beauty. loving it all janae. if you can’t shake the sick, try for some advil pm’s if you can find them. i had one of the most terrible colds of my life after the girls left germany. although apprehensive, i took them a couple nights just so i could sleep. i’m convinced it is what helped me start to recover! miss you, love you, see you soon (i hope!)

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