Unity makes friends.

The translation of Bulgaria’s motto, according to our tour guide Dimeter this morning. Fitting, since I’ve been thinking about conversations we’ve had the past few days.

With Adam. He asked us about our homes, our towns, our families. Would we one day return to take care of our parents’ house when they age and no longer could, would it, the land and the possessions get passed down to us… Does that happen in America.

And when he asked Andrea why there was an apple on the front of her computer, and we explained about the major company Apple is. “But an apple is a fruit, and why is there a bite out of it?” Andrea passed the question on to me (you’re the PR girl) and I said something about logos and maybe the bite out of it is to prove it’s good for you, someone’s tried it and now you should. Later that night, I’d tease Adam for something he said earlier in the day (probably along the lines of “yeah because you think I look boring, of course you wouldn’t expect me to backpack with a baglama”) and he told me, “You’re dangerous. I must be careful, because you remember everything said to you. You should pretend you don’t know everything, even if you still use it, so people don’t know.”

And the absurd conversation we had with a competitive guy from Switzerland last night, imploring us to name one thing America is better at than the rest of the world, and mocking us when we couldn’t (wouldn’t). Not a fight we wanted to get into, a debate worth having, but don’t you dare be from Switzerland and say “we’re good at chocolate, and the best at making Swiss knives.” My restraint just barely directed my “who the $@!* else would be” to Andrea instead.

And when we returned from the bus station without tickets to Ankara on Sunday, to ask the cute little host if we could possibly stay one more night, and with a giggle she said “you didn’t have to check out, go back to bed!”

And Dimeter this morning, when he said something he admires about the American culture is that you can grow-up somewhere, go to school somewhere else, then live another place. How that mentality is uncommon here.

He asked me about being a political science student in America. He said it’s a really big deal to be one in Bulgaria. Explaining as well as I could about it and my real focus on communications (public relations) while trying not to explain how bogus of a political science major I really was, getting by on my ability to frame well-worded papers nicely, but never soaking in the content.

And the boy I met at breakfast this morning, traveling through Bulgaria by himself for a month. Nice enough guy, a musician (singer) who works at Starbucks, I just might have hugged this boy goodbye.

Anyway. Spending this morning listening to Dimeter talk about his doctoral studies had me thinking. It’s been nine months since I’ve been in a classroom and I’ve been feeling an itch for more school. Not surprising, as everyone whose known me for a year has seen it go from law school to creative writing MFA to Teach For America/Masters in Education to work/part-time MBA studies.

But with all this writing, travel and photography, going back to school for documentary filmmaking sounds fantastic at the moment.

It will be a fleeting thought, if not totally absurd. I did go to college originally in broadcast journalism.

But hey, I’d absolutely tell other people’s stories, if they’d let me.

-from my bunk in Bulgaria, though my mind is still out on that Cappadocia platform



4 thoughts on “Unity makes friends.

  1. Well Janae, there are conflicting answers on the whole bite/byte question. Here are two i found: “The bite symbolized knowlegde (in the bible the apple was the fruit of the tree of knowledge) and the bite could also be pronounced “byte”, a reference to computer technology.” ….. and “Rob Janoff purposely designed the Apple logo with a bit for people to recognized the logo as an apple instead of a berry. However, However, many people still think that byte was mark as reference of how Alan Turing, a computer scientist who suicide in 1954”

    Probably more than you wanted 🙂

    Interesting post by the way.

    Love Dad

  2. You are just so fantastic!! I miss you … Can’t wait to see what you end up doing in a few months … : )

    Btw, my favorite part: “You’re dangerous. I must be careful, because you remember everything said to you. You should pretend you don’t know everything, even if you still use it, so people don’t know.”.

    While this could have been said in a much more grammatically correct way, this is very sound advice!!!

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