New heights. Part four.

We’ve had an unbelievable day, already. Balloons at sunrise, underground cave, and I’ve beat my fear of heights and dying twice so far. Adam had started the day by telling Andrea and I “you’ll never forget this in your life.”

Our new family for the day is perfect. Dad tells me to keep up with Andrea, walking at the front of the pack. “Go up with your friend. Keep together. Keep smiling.” Mom has the heartiest, greatest laugh, made better by the fact she’s sarcastic and cracks herself up.

Our gorgeous valley walk ends at a small house/restaurant. We sit for a long time, chatting with our family, laughing. Pang, the youngest new friend, and I bond over having hard-to-introduce names. Hers is pronounced as though you’re mixing a “p” and “b” sound at the same time, and we laugh over our tendency to use fake names at Starbucks. “But then, you’re staring off in space, and they’re calling “Sam, grande mocha for Sam… SAM.”

In the van, Andrea, Adam and I share the back bench and learn about each other. Adam: “It is… My life strategy. I ask you what music you like and your hobbies. And then, maybe I know you.” We dance to the music we share. We talk about how I like to write. He says maybe someday I’ll write a book that has covers with pages inside.


We’ve stopped at multiple sights by now, and we pull up to a winery. Toast with Adam and his brother, the driver, also our chef every morning at breakfast. Adam says when he looks at Andrea, he can tell she is the crazy one. I’m appalled. “I’ve climbed MOUNTAINS with you today, and SHE is the crazy one?”

Picture Turkish accent, slowly thought out sentences.

“Well, she looks crazy, fun. You, you are different. Your outside and inside are very different, I think. I think, when I see you, ‘She is serious. Boring maybe.’ But then, we talk, and inside, you are very fun, and that comes out. And when you climb, you are wild.”

I’m having flashbacks of three years ago, when in broken English, someone told me his ideal date was “an average looking girl with a great personality,” moments before asking for my number.

Back in the van, post winery, Adam flatters Andrea and I more, as he eats seeds straight from a dried out sunflower. “You see, in my job, not everyone wants to talk to me. And some days, its very serious and boring. Usually, I am only saying there is the valley, those are the fairy chimneys, this is the church (“WAIT, we could have been learning historical information today?”) but you make it seem like we are old friends. Like one or two years already. There is this positive energy around you. So, thank you for making me… Be myself.”

Side note, to my side as I write is Andrea. “You’re kidding me. You’re kidding me. The new iCal I just started? In Arabic. HOW DOES IT KNOW.” The girl needs to get back to the states.

Scenery photos at various stops…



Up next, another valley (names escape me, I’ll mark them down later) with a massive rock shaped like a camel.


And when I decline to climb it, Adam is disappointed in me. Andrea has a long discussion about his disappointment in me.


“She comes to me, and says help me, I am a poor, boring American girl in need of stories. And I say lady, I have many people to entertain today, but I’ll do my best to help you. And then, she becomes a master climber and doesn’t need me anymore, and she will go make her millions with her book that has covers and pages with words. And it is fine, I don’t need my favorite climber, another will come along. I will go home tonight, drink one bottle of red wine, and be done with her.” Andrea does her best to egg this along. “I know, just look at the way she’s walking now, her nose in the air like that. Look at her.”


Granted, I was getting a little independent.


Look for part five, when the day wraps up.


4 thoughts on “New heights. Part four.

  1. Another great post Janae. I feel like I am watching (not reading) some sort of reality TV show about two girls who decide their lives were boring so they decide impetuously go to Cappadocia. (i know, i typically email my comments to you instead of directly on your blog but thought i’d give it a try……hope i did it right!!)

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