New heights. Part five.


Our parents.

We stop at a pottery workshop, because this day just gets greater. We learn about the three important things in any art: patience, respect and love. It takes twelve years to become a master pottery maker. Andrea gets up and makes what turns out to be a cereal bowl. It was beautiful, and the entire tour group sighed with disappointment when she didn’t get to keep it.

We end the tour, exhausted, on one more patch of land overlooking Cappadocia’s valleys as the sun goes down. An absolutely perfect day. The night to follow would include winding down with our Efes, talk about life at our perch above the pool, Adam and family sitting, chatting, below. We talk to Adam about differences in cultures, family life, friendships. Being open to talking to new people, new experiences. Laughing. Being funny while still being nice, sincere. The American girlfriend he once had. Overcoming barriers such as language, geography, culture. We went for a late dinner to the third brother’s restaurant, at a discount (though not free, this was not a date). Just a day of memorable experiences and conversation.

From an unbelievable sunrise to an astounding sunset… No complaints here.








5 thoughts on “New heights. Part five.

  1. The “high-five” is the closing scene to this season………..everyone is thinking…..”they’ve got to pick this up next season!!!!”

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